Small Summer DIY Projects

Hello and welcome to my blog! I want to share with you some little DIY projects we’ve been doing around the house! I told you we would get back on it! Didn’t I! Make no mistake! We love our home, but there are some little things that we don’t like. Like the brown trim that was installed where the wall meets the ceiling. This trim is through out the whole house installed by the manufacturer. Easy fix! As we’ve been painting each room we’ve been painting the trim to match the wall! Ugly brown trim gone! Our dilemma was that the same brown trim was also installed at the top of the kitchen cabinets and the wall shelves in the dining room.

Our plan was to uninstall the brown trim and prime and paint. Well, we didn’t like the way the solid color looked over the cabinets. So we brained stormed! In the dining room/living room, the manufacturer installed a TV entertainment shelf, which is the living room, but we use this space for our dining room. We decided to uninstall the TV entertainment shelf so that we could reuse the materials to make matching trim for the cabinets! It worked! I was never a fan of that entertainment shelf anyway! If you’re confused I hope the pictures will tell the story! I know! It’s all confusing to me sometimes too! πŸ˜‰ Let me not forget, we also painted the front interior door!

Dining Room

Above you can see the brown trim at the very top of the shelves.

Below you can see the TV entertainment shelf where the suitcase sits. We plan to use the materials to replace the brown trim.

Dale is taking down all the brown trim in the dining room and kitchen.

Before picture of the brown trim above the buffet.

We plan to use the materials from the TV entertainment shelf to replace the brown trim that we removed from the shelves and kitchen cabinets.

Brown trim removed from the kitchen buffet.

Removing the TV shelf.

Dale ripped 1 1/2″ strips to replace the brown trim.

Installing new trim above the kitchen cabinets.

New trim installed above the buffet cabinets.

New trim above the wall shelf.

As you can see it blends well. So happy Dale came up with the idea to use the TV entertainment shelf to make the trim! Many hugs and kisses coming his way!

Front interior door. Dale installed 4″ wood trim around the door.

Oil base primer.

The paint color for the door is Ivory Brown, Valspar. I chose a shade that matches the shelves.

I was able to move my buffet here between the shelves.

The kitchen trim looks so much better!! I am so happy with the way it turned out! Hopefully we will be working on changing the kitchen back splash soon. Stay tuned! πŸ˜‰

Even though changing out the top trim doesn’t seem like much. Believe me! It really has made a big difference to us! Looking at that trim everyday, we couldn’t take it anymore! Ha-ha!

I’m not done with this space yet! So make sure to check back!

Thank you for stopping by, Elizabeth

10 thoughts on “Small Summer DIY Projects

    • That is a good question! Lol! Our third bedroom we use for our media/living room. I plan to make a little sitting area in the dining room, a place we can sit and read when we want. We don’t watch TV much and when company comes over, they come to hang outdoors. πŸ˜‰


  1. Yes, looks much better! Smart move in repurposing the Media Cabinet wood and using for trim. Great idea. You two are always trying to improve perfect, but…..
    I like your buffet in it’s place, looks warmer. Have seen your home in “Mobile Home Living” several times, recognize your style and feel “special” to have seen work from start to finish…did I write finish? If you’re DIY people, there will always be a project to do, so there will never a be finish….congratulations to a beautiful home!
    You two have inspired me to buy a “pre-loved” Mobile Home as a “tiny House.” Love working on the space!
    Love your blog.


  2. Congratulations on your new home. It is lovely. Lots of projects to make it your own. thanks so much for sharing at “Love Your Creativity.” The link is not working. I thought I would share with you about the link. have a wonderful week.


  3. Love your new trim! Also the buffet looks nice between the shelves. You and Dale are a great team! I always look forward to your posts.


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