Back Porch Summer Decor


Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope you are enjoying your summer! Dale and I are officially on summer break! Yay! We haven’t done any DIY projects lately. But! We have been having some fun! Ha-ha! If you’ve been following us, you know that we have worked hard at getting our place together. One of our New Year’s resolution for 2019 was to do less projects and enjoy life more! Don’t fear! Will get back on it soon! 😉 Today I wanted to show you my back porch decor. Enjoy!

Summer Table Setting

I started out by making this beautiful flower arrangement. All the flowers you see are from my garden. Last year we planted four rose bushes. The reddish pink is Cinco De Mayo, as you can see the color stands out! The yellow is Julia Child, I have always loved yellow roses! To fill the arrangement I cut some zinnias.

Cinco De Mayo
Julia Child

I cut some fern stems from my potted plant on the porch. The beautiful table cloth I purchased at Wal-Mart in their fabric department. Even better! The fabric was already pre-cut! Good idea Wal-Mart! The beautiful colors from the fabric is what inspired me!

The beautiful delicate glass desert goblet was my grandmother’s. I love it when I can you use special decor pieces like this. The silverware & dishware we purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond. The copper coffee cups are from Avon.

I like to collect glass jars to use for flower vases. This jar was an apple juice jar.

Summer Porch

I found some inexpensive greenery at Walmart. Plan to use them for my window box and metal baskets.

The above metal baskets are fun to change out seasonally. I usually put faux flowers, thought I would make a change and use faux greenery instead .

I like to add fun little items for example the yellow bicycle and the metal house. You can see the little boy figurine in my planter bottom right. A couple of my girlfriends came to visit me recently. They loved that I use unexpected pieces that don’t catch your eye right away, but after looking were surprised to find fun items here and there.

Left side of the porch.

These beautiful Angel Plants I purchased in the spring at Home Depot for $16.99. The plants made simple table center pieces for my daughters rehearsal dinner held here. They have lasted this long and are pretty easy to care for.

Daughter’s Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Dale made this little bench, perfect for displaying plants and things.

For my summer porch I wanted more green plants, very few flowers.

Angel Plant

Goodwill is where I find little figurines to put in my planters.

Blue Bell anyone? Why not! Makes the perfect plant holder!

I hope you had a great time here, as much as I had fun creating this post!

Elizabeth’s Summer Garden

Have a wonderful summer!! Till next time, Elizabeth

12 comments on “Back Porch Summer Decor”

  1. Beautiful colors so refreshing! I love how you incorporate special pieces from your grandmother on your porch as well as inside your home. Looks like a lovely place for you & Dale to enjoy your summer!


    1. Hi Gail! Oh my! Not sure what type of plant this is. I got this plant in the clearance section in a nursery, for .99 I didn’t keep the label. I know I need to get better at keeping my plant labels. 😉 Have a great day!


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