Summer Guest Bedroom

Hello Summer! Is it warm where you live? It’s officially HOT here in Texas! What I love about summer is that my schedule slows down a bit. I love that I can stay up later, sleep in a little if I want. Summer is when I have some time to do a little antique shopping, maybe even find time for a movie or visit some friends. One thing for sure! This summer I plan to take it easy and just enjoy whatever happens!

Today I’m sharing my summer guest bedroom decor! Enjoy!

For my summer decor I just moved things around like my Holly Hobby figurines that you see on the shelf. I added a white milk glass vase that I already had and displayed it with the other two that were there. The round mirror we purchased a couple of years ago from an art show in Fayetteville, Texas.

This is the entry to the room. When we have guest stay over, I clear the top of this small table for their belongings and the small drawer is empty for items they may want to put away. A suitcase or bag fit’s perfectly underneath the table.

I moved this Holly Hobby figurine from the wall shelf to here on this little table and added a couple of books and one of my white milk glass jars along with some dried lavender.

I added my grandmothers embroidery pillow cases to the bed. My mother past them down to me.

Dale installed a door hook so that guest can hang clothes, which comes in handy. I put up a eucalyptus wreath, purchased at Target.

One of my favorite pieces is this little round table in the corner. Right now it holds a small lamp.

The room is small, so this small end table serves well. Guest can put objects in the drawer and I usually place a lamp here for soft light. As you can see we have our CD player and receiver here, which is connected to our dining room and outdoor sound system.

I purchased these beautiful summer flowers from HEB. I cut some purple flowers from my garden to add to the flower arrangement. I added another one of my Holly Hobby figurines and a couple of books, which completes the look. Keeping it simple is what I like. 😉

Thank you for stopping by! Till next time, Elizabeth

5 thoughts on “Summer Guest Bedroom

  1. Again, you’ve created a peaceful, restful, “get away” with your color and decorative scheme. I would love to visit and spend time at your place, in this room!
    You do have a “knack” in finding and placing items to “tell a story.”
    I’ve seen articles in, “Mobile Living,” of your Texas home, pictures are wonderful.
    What’s your next project? I’m a HUGE admirer of you, Dale and your “Tiny House!”


    • Oh my Grace! It’s nice to have an admirer, 😉 but I really feel very honored by your comments. I appreciate them very much! 🙂 To answer your question, our next project is to finish the kitchen by the end of the year.


  2. I love how you have changed the room for the season. It’s nice to be able to incorporate special pieces like your grandmother’s embroidered pillowcases. Lovely room! Enjoy your summer!


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