Dining Room & Hallway Reveal

We finally finished the other side of our dining room wall and hallway! Yay! Painting the walls white has given some much needed contrast to our dining room shelves. The hallway now looks much brighter too! I chose a soft white that wasn’t so stark and not to warm. I wanted the walls to compliment the kitchen cabinetry and the wall shelves. The wall shade is Aesthetic White, the wood trim is Du Jour. Paint brand, Valspar Signature Prime & Paint, interior satin. These neutral hues really do compliment my kitchen cabinets and dining room shelves.

I would like to explain what we did to the walls. Our mobile home had thin strips on the walls usually set about four feet apart, but sometimes the strips were a little off. We removed all the original strips and added 2 inch wide strips using tempered brown board to cover the seams. We added extra 2 inch strips in some areas to give it a more uniform look. (Board & Batten) Other home owners do a tape and float to the walls to cover the seams.

Below you can see the original strips on the wall and the trim around the window.

Front Door

The Hallway

We decided to leave the top wall strip, in all the rooms we’ve painted. Dale caulks before he primes.

Priming the walls with oil base primer.

Two inch brown board to cover the wall seams.

Primed and painted.

Dale primed and painted wood trim before installing.

Small Details

Finishing Up!

I am so happy with the way it turned out! Gone are the yellowish walls! The space seems more breathable! The wood trim is the cherry on top!


Now that the walls are painted white the air vent is not as noticeable.

The wood trim looks absolutely beautiful!

No need for crown molding here! Leaving the top trim goes well with the board & batten walls.

I would never take pictures of this side of the dining room, I dislike the wall so much it had a yellowish tint and did not compliment photos. I can’t wait to have some fun decorating this space! I plan to make this a little sitting area! I will be sure to update you!

This is not the sitting area I’m talking about. Ha-ha! Dale made this bench using reclaimed fence board, for now it will stay here until I find some chairs for the future sitting area.

Last post these windows were not complete.


I wanted to show my freshly painted walls for this post without any pictures on the wall.

I wanted to be sure to show a close shot of the wall and the shelf. The shelves look much better with the lighter wall color. I plan to paint the brown trim you see top, a lighter color to for a better blend. I will update you on that later.


Future plans for the kitchen. We want to install a back splash, paint the upper trim of the cabinets and Dale is going to do a little something to the end of the cabinet you see here, where the ceiling hook is. Keeping it a secret for now! πŸ˜‰

This kitchen and dining room DIY project cost us $170.00! (paint, primer, wood, brown board, etc.) The time spent for this project was two months. We work weekends when time was available. We basically took our time.

Amazing what a little paint, adding wood trim can to do to give a home a more custom look!

Till next time Elizabeth!

10 thoughts on “Dining Room & Hallway Reveal

  1. What a wonderful difference in the walls! It is amazing how much trim and paint can help brighten things up. Your home is even more beautiful. Looking forward to what is next!


  2. I love the light & airy look! Goes well with your cabinets & book shelves. It will be a nice backdrop for the pictures & decor that you choose. Looking forward to seeing what you have planned!


  3. Love the new look! Have enjoyed watching the progress of your home. Sorry to hear about the flooding after all of your hard work. Can’t wait to see pics of your new home!


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