Spring Kitchen/Dining Room DIY Project

Hi Everyone! We are having some beautiful spring weather here in Texas! This time of year we try to spend as much time outside as we can, before it gets too hot! So! Our DIY kitchen and dining room projects have been slow coming!

Once we got back on it! We started with the kitchen patio door area, by removing all the thin strips from the walls, windows. and bottom baseboards. We are applying 2 inch strips over the seems using tempered brown board and 3 1/2 inch plywood around the patio door. While working on this area something unexpected came up! The room has this little wall that defines the kitchen/living space. Dale & I did not care about this wall, we decided to take it down! Yeah! Even though it was just a little wall taking it down made a big difference! It just opened up the room! Now, it could be all in our heads! πŸ˜‰ But we love this space without the wall!

I wanted to show you what we have done so far, keep in mind we are not finished.

Patio door area. Strips removed.

This little wall defined the kitchen and living space.

Above picture, wall is no longer there. You can see the original strips around the windows.

Strips removed.

Dale added an extra two inch strip next to the seem to give it a conform look. On the right is where there is a seem which is off centered between the windows.

Dale used oil based primer because of our slick walls.

I always get excited when prime and paint starts!

Paint color, Valspar Signature Prime & Paint, Aesthetic White

Second coat of paint.

Dale installing the wood trim.

To connect the window with the transom window Dale installed two 2 1/2 inch wood trim along the sides of the windows and plans to add 6 inch wide trim between the transom window and the window below.

Wood trim installed around window, baseboards and patio door.

At this stage we ran out of wood to complete the two windows, Dale plans to install a wide piece of trim between the transom window and window.

I am so happy with the shade I chose for the walls! I actually had this paint chip sample up for two years! Ha-ha! I literally moved the paint chip on every wall and near the cabinets to see what it might look like! This color has the perfect warmth to match the kitchen cabinetry.

Once the wood trim was installed, Dale primed and painted the inside patio door and window sills. You can also see that Dale caulks everything! Caulk is our friend, it covers all minor imperfections.

Dale and I feel like once we finish painting the kitchen and dining room walls it’s all down hill from here on out! Ha-ha! Right now our home is a big mess! If you know anything about home projects you know what I mean!! I also know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s well worth it!

A peek!
Continuing with the other side of dining room wall.

Even though we’ve been busy with inside home projects, I found time to start my spring garden!

We are now continuing with the other side of our dining room and will update you soon.

Till next time, Elizabeth

8 thoughts on “Spring Kitchen/Dining Room DIY Project

    • Hi Lynne! Our home is a Clayton Home, the model is the “Anniversary,” this model came with the beams installed. However my husband said all you have to do is add a 2 x 4 on the ceiling and then cover it with whatever material you prefer. I’m pretty sure someone has posted something on how to add beams to a ceiling on You Tube.


  1. Your house is looking great! It is amazing how removing one little wall can make such a difference. I like how the slats in your house seem to be consistently placed. In our house there seems to be no rhyme or reason to there placement so they look weird.


    • Hi Pam, I know exactly what your talking about! To make ours look consistent we’ve added extra strips to the wall to give it a more conform look. I will try to explain that in more detail on my next blog. Thank you so much for your comment. πŸ™‚


  2. Taking down that little wall made such a difference! I’ve planted a container garden in my new sitting area. All flowers, but I’m encouraged by yours to start collecting planters for veggies next year!


  3. I love how open and bright your kitchen and dining areas are. The wide trim between the transom and lower window is so nice. Looks perfectly finished. The curtain over the patio door is nice as well. Great ideas that make your home beautiful! Enjoy your garden! I love the creativity that gardening allows us! Thank you for sharing your lovely home.


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