First DIY for 2019

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope your enjoying this time of year! Spring is in the air, ahh love it! Today I’m sharing with you our first 2019 DIY project! Our goal for this year is to paint the kitchen/dining room and apply wood trim around the doors, windows and baseboards. We thought we would work on a small section of the kitchen where the pantry, laundry and bedroom doors meet.

We started by removing all the strips from the wall, doors and the bottom floor trim. Most mobile home walls have the thin strips and we’ve been replacing them with 2 inch strips using tempered brown board, which to me looks much better!

A very important step!
Once the strips are removed you must tap in the brad nails flush with the wall, before you install the wood trim.

Dale pre-cut all the wood trim and strips. Below he installed the 2 inch strips then primed the wall. Oil base primer was applied because of our slick vinyl walls.

Once the area was primed Dale painted the walls with Valspar Signature Paint & Primer, the color Aesthetic White.

Using a brush to cut in the edges.

Second coat applied.

I was amazed after the second coat of paint how much better this area looked.

Dale primed and painted one coat of paint to the wood trim before installing. Once all the wood trim was installed he caulked, then painted the second and final coat.


As you can see this space looks so much better! I wanted the walls painted a lighter color for a more neutral look and to have some contrast with the cabinetry. Plus adding wood trim around the doors has made a big difference!


Above is how I decorated this space before. Below, I’m enjoying my newly painted walls.

Dale added this wider window sill using some driftwood. Useful for putting small plants on!

We do plan to do some kind of back splash, but for now we will continue to paint the rest of the kitchen and dining room!

Till next time, Elizabeth

16 thoughts on “First DIY for 2019

  1. Elizabeth, do you ever use wallpaper? The kitchen area could use a β€œpop” of color/pattern of wallpaper…..think about! Happy you’re enjoying Spring with a new project for you and Dale to begin and complete. Can hardly wait!


    • Hi Grace, actually I have thought about wallpaper. Because of our cabinetry it’s hard to find a color that would go well. So I’m keeping it neutral and hoping to use accessories for a pop of color. Thank you for your comment will see how it goes! πŸ˜‰


  2. What a difference that makes! I love the way you are making the house your home. Now about that wallpaper comment, you might be like me and just loving all the white! I am adding pops of color with the accessories and not with walllpaper….although I’m loving some of what I see. πŸ™‚

    Happy Spring fellow Texans.


  3. Hi Elizabeth, I look forward to each of your DIY’s in your home. Changing out the molding, and adding the wider window sill are improvements that personalize the home, and I look forward to doing also. Still waiting on the site work, so our Anniversary can be installed. You inspire me to see what we will be able to do. Thank you, Loni


  4. Thank you for sharing the update in your kitchen. I absolutely love the bright space you’ve created. Your use of white really brings the space together, in contrast to the trim before that tended to break up the area. The trim on the wall in place of the small slats are complimentary and is such a great idea! Keep up the great work on your home! πŸ™‚


  5. This is what I want to do in our little park model! This helped my husband understand what i was talking about, so thanks for the visuals. What white did you use?


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