Winter Blues

“IF WINTER COMES” (SUMMER WILL COME AGAIN) Hello and welcome to my blog! We’ve had quite a few dreary days here this winter with plenty of rain. This is about the time of year I crave spring & summer! Don’t get me wrong, I do cherish winter a bit. For me I tend to bake more and enjoy holding my coffee cup on a cold day. Lately I’ve been catching up on some reading, almost done reading my first book! πŸ˜‰ The last few years, I’ve been trying to simplify my home by not accumulating stuff. This winter I’ve been donating items, etc. and probably will do it again this spring. I’m ready to let STUFF go! Ha-ha!

Today I would like to show you a little of my Winter Decor.

I love vintage sheet music and have this picture and others displayed on our master bedroom wall.

Dining Room

I’ve kept my gallery wall shelves neutral for winter. Displayed with books and pine cones and some of my greenery faux plants. My favorite is the vintage suitcase set below the clock!

Kitchen Island

Homemade muffins look wonderful displayed on top of the kitchen island.

The pictures are free printable’s from, On Sutton Place’s blog. I just simply framed them. Brought in my Ivy from the porch, adding some fresh greenery brings it all together. I purchased the canisters at Walmart, Better Homes & Gardens.

Thank you for stopping by!

Stay warm and cozy til next time, Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “Winter Blues

  1. I love the beauty, simple, inviting clean lines of your home. Winter Blues..I too love vintage sheet music. This was a refreshing post. I enjoy your blog. Thank you for the time you spend to send a little joy to my inbox. Have cozy week!


  2. Winter blues, I hate feeling so blue during this time of the year. Reading your post today helped take away some of those winter blues I been feeling. I love those vintage sheet music, such a great idea you have. I always enjoy reading and looking at your postings. Keep them coming along! God bless!


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