Plans for 2019

Hello everybody! I wanted to touch base with you about our plans for 2019. I most likely will not be posting as often beginning 2019. We will be celebrating my oldest daughter’s wedding this spring! In fact this last weekend we had her bridal shower and it made me put some things in prospective. I want to give my full attention to the preparations for the upcoming special day!

Coming soon! I will post an update on the guest bedroom headboard. I look forward to showing you as soon as possible! I might post some home decor & some projects we’ve done in the past.

Future plans! I’m hoping to get back into DIY home projects maybe during summer or fall.

Wish List for 2019

  1. Install wood trim around dining room windows & kitchen doors
  2. Paint dining room.
  3. Apply a kitchen back splash.
  4. Paint kitchen.

That’s my wish list for 2019! Now if it gets done I don’t know! Will have to see! Ha-ha!

Dales wish list!

  1. Buy a motorcycle
  2. Ride, Ride Ride! πŸ™‚
Silver Honda ST1300 Fairings | # 2618

I do appreciate your visit! Take care till next time!


6 thoughts on “Plans for 2019

  1. Enjoy this time celebrating the two lives who will unite as one love! Help make the day as fabulous, fantastic, and fun as possible. With your creative sense and style you will! “God bless ye everyone!”


  2. Happy Wedding! I always look at your posts, I have lived in three single wide homes and one double. I now live in a 70s brick rancher that has been a money pit. I think mobile home living is great. I always felt they were easy to clean and convenient. I enjoyed each one! I wouldn’t mind going back!


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