2018 DIY Home Projects

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’re having a great 2019 beginning! Dale and I have been enjoying our time off these last two weeks from work, but all good things must come to an end. πŸ˜‰

I would like to start this year by sharing some of our 2018 DIY home projects! Wow! I didn’t realize, but looking back this past year we were busy! Ha-ha! The first inside home project for 2018 was the remodeling of our home theater room. Thus far this project took us the longest to finish. I posted six post for this project because of all the details that went into this room. It took three months to finish the media room and I can tell you, it was worth the time and effort! We have been enjoying our media room tremendously! I’ve posted the links below for our Home Theater project if you would like to check it out!

First post, Media Room go here.

Media Room Before

Second post, Media Room Scene 1 go here.

Media Room Scene 1

Third post, Media Room Scene 2 go here.

Media Room Scene 2

Fourth post, Media Room Scene 3 go here.

Media Room Scene 3

Fifth post, Sound Panels go here.

Sound Panels

Sixth post, Media Room Reveal go here.

Home Theater Reveal

Spring 2018 we continued with our next project, the Master Bedroom! This DIY home project took us two weekends to finish! The challenges for this room was doing something about the thin strips that come with most mobile home walls and making our room feel cozy & serene. Once the room was completed I felt that I had accomplished that. This is one of my favorite rooms to be in now! I’ve included the links below if you would like to see the steps for this DIY project.

Master Bedroom Remodel Part 1 go here.

Master Bedroom Remodel Part 2 go here.

Master Bedroom Remodel Part 2

Master Bedroom Reveal, go here.

We ended 2018 with one last home project! The Guest Bedroom! The room was finished before Thanksgiving, just in time for family to come and stay! Please check out the two links below for the Guest Bedroom Remodel.

Guest Bedroom Remodel go here.

Guest Bedroom Before

Guest Remodel Reveal go here.

Guest Bedroom After

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Phillips Place!

5 thoughts on “2018 DIY Home Projects

  1. Hi! Just thinking of you as we’ve received several river flood warnings for your area. Hope you two are high and dry there. ~Carolyn


    • Yes we have Carolyn. The problem where I live is we drive over a creek which is the back of the neighborhood closes to the river. The creek is filled with water but has not gone over the road. I believe the Brazos river crested yesterday so we should be good. Thank goodness, hopefully rain will hold off until the river goes down more.


      • So glad to hear! Such a blessing the rain has stopped for a bit and the river can stay in its banks. A few sunny days will do wonders!


  2. Wow! You accomplished so much this past year and the results are fantastic! Looking forward to seeing what plans you have in the coming year. I always enjoy your posts and how you make your home so beautiful! Thank you for sharing and inspiring.


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