Master Bedroom Christmas Decor

Merry Christmas! I am very excited to show you my master bedroom seasonal decor! This room just got a makeover this year and so happy with the remodel! The master has a very calming serene look to it. I try my best to keep it uncluttered as possible. 

For my seasonal decor I kept it simple. I added a big green wreath with a big red bow above our headboard. My bedside table I placed a miniature pre-lit tree and added some red ornaments. Dale’s bedside table I just added some pine-cones & books. I found a free Christmas printable and framed it, which gave it a finishing look on his wall above the pine-cones. 

Another awesome find was the plaid flannel sheets I found at T.J. Maxx. The sheets add some coziness and keeps us warm on cold nights. 

I try to keep his side manly! Ha-ha! 

I hardly ever show this end of the room. As you can see it’s very simple. I added a glittered Christmas cone piece to the window seat. 

Vintage Dresser

I added this faux floral piece, I’ve had for a few years. 

In the evening when the lights go on, the room looks absolutely beautiful. 

I hope you enjoyed the master room seasonal decor. What I like most about this room decor is that I kept it simple. It didn’t take too much time to decorate, which I am lacking this time of year! πŸ˜‰

Wishing you well, till next time!

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