Guest Bedroom Headboard

Hello everyone! Well this has been a busy month for me!! I haven’t had any time to take any photos of my Christmas decor or the guest bedroom remodel. This month has been filled with holiday activities, family birthdays etc! In a couple of weeks I will be off from work for two weeks and I can’t wait! Ha-ha! I am looking forward to just chilling a bit! 

Today I wanted to talk about my guest bedroom headboard. Last year I was driving my vehicle when I notice something in someones trash pile. I could not resist stopping my car. It was a wrought iron piece, that use to be a back of a bench. I really liked the design! Before you know it! I was loading it into my vehicle, at the time I didn’t know what I was going to do with it. After having this bench backing for a while, I came up with the idea to use it for my guest bedroom headboard! 

I wanted this piece to be colorful and what inspired me was my zinnias from my garden. 

The wrought iron piece was pretty dirty. I pressure washed it and Dale sprayed primer on it for me.

My inspiration.

Patio acrylic paint.  

We decided to install the wrought iron head board directly on the wall. Dale did some measurements and figured out where it would center with the full size bed. We used the existing holes to mount the piece. 

Drilling holes to insert plastic anchors.

I later painted the screws with white paint.

Later, Dale made and installed the curved wood to extend and balance the bed.

This was a fun DIY project and cost me very little! (Primer and acrylic paint under $25.00.) Wrought iron piece free! It’s amazing sometimes what you could do with other peoples trash! 

Thank you so much for stopping by and stay tune for more guest bedroom reveal!  

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