DIY Mad Dash

Hello! Today I wanted to share with you my plans for the guest bedroom remodel! I originally had plans to start this project a few months ago, but time did not allow it. So here we are making a mad dash to finish painting the walls before Thanksgiving! Why do we do this to ourselves?! Ha-ha!

The plan was to start Saturday November the 10th, we figure it would take two weekends to get the job done. Saturday the 10th came and that morning our power went out! Yes! We lost power that morning and it was out most of the day! I think Dale and I know by now things don’t always go as plan and we are okay with that. Ha-ha!

I wanted to share some before pictures of the room and tell you the changes we plan to make! Most of you know we live in a mobile home. Most manufactured homes install thin strips to cover the seams between the wall panels and strips around the windows and doors. We plan to add wood baseboard’s and wood trim around the window. For the seams we plan to add a wider strip using brown tempered board. Last but not least, we plan to paint the walls. It’s time to put our stamp on this room!

Guest Bedroom

View from the entry door. The room is small, but big enough to fit a full size bed. The wall color is the same color through out our home and we want to change that. You can also see the strips around the closet door and walls.

DSCF3473 (1)

DSCF3471 (2)

DSCF3475 (2)

DSCF3479 (2)

I made a short video so that you could get better view of the room.

This video doesn’t exist

I look forward to showing you the new and updated room as soon as it’s done! Till next time! Be blessed!

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