Studio Blend Gallery & Coffee Shop


Hello everyone! I’m posting something a little different today than my normal kinda post! If you’ve been following me for sometime, then you know I love coffee! I live near a small town, Sealy Texas and one thing it lacked was a coffee shop! Lack no more! I am so happy to announce a coffee shop has now opened it’s doors in Sealy!

Coffee Shop Now Open

DSCF3727 (2)


DSCF3723 (2)

The shop is in the heart of downtown Sealy in a building that was built-in 1928. It’s been vacant for more than 20 years and now has life again! Originally was a Cafe and you can still see signs of its past. The “Cafe” sign is original to its building and the beautiful front door! Inside you will also find the authentic bar that patrons use to sit and eat their meals.

DSCF3638 (2)


20181023_110634 (2)

Studio blend is truly an awesome blend of serving the best coffee in town and displaying art work from a variety of artist. Annette is the owner and artist herself! You can see the artistic side of Annette in all the decor details you see all around the coffee shop! I feel like you can get inspiration from almost anything like nature, books, etc. and sometimes being surrounded by beautiful created art while drinking your coffee. Ha-ha!

WOW! Is what I said when I first walked in!

DSCF3662 (2)

Behind this glass stain door is Annette’s studio where she offers art classes.

DSCF3665 (3)

Pasties & Vanilla Latte

DSCF3649 (3)

Herbal Tea

DSCF3642 (2)

Art Gallery

DSCF3645 (2)

Fresh flower centerpieces.

DSCF3657 (2)

From top to bottom, inside or out, it’s all about the details.

DSCF3722 (2)

Inside front entry.

DSCF3653 (2)

Crystal Chandelier

DSCF3652 (2)


DSCF3682 (2)


DSCF3708 (3)


DSCF3673 (2)


DSCF3661 (2)


DSCF3646 (2)



DSCF3718 (2)

I am so thankful that Annette let me take a few pictures of her shop. Please be sure to visit Studio Blend Gallery & Coffee Shop if your ever in Sealy. You will not be disappointed!

DSCF3706 (2)


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