Fall Pumpkins, Pansies & More

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope you’re enjoying the fall season! Here in Texas we’ve finally cooled down a bit. I tend to dress in layers because we get those cool mornings and then it warms up by the afternoon. The weather here is perfect for outdoor activities! Last weekend Dale and I hosted an outdoor movie night! Yes! What a wonderful way to get together with friends and family before the busy holidays come up! We had a wonderful time and our place was all decked out with fall decor. Ha-ha!

This time of year I love to go visit my favorite nursery, Enchanted Gardens in Richmond Texas. They always have a good selection of fall plants and pumpkins! Pansy’s and violas are my favorites! Today I wanted to post a little tour of my outdoor fall decor.

Front yard sidewalk, these yellow mum’s are a welcome sight.

DSCF4340 (2)

Viola’s and Pansy’s

DSCF4293 (2)


DSCF4203 (2)

Can’t wait to see when all the purple buds open up.

DSCF4463 (2)

Viola’s have a wonderful scent.

DSCF4286 (2)

These pansy’s and violas will fill out nicely.

DSCF4449 (2)

Back Porch

Easy project, I made this fence board autumn sign.

DSCF4182 (2)

I found some fall flower stems at Walmart for .97 cents a piece. I used wire cutter’s to cut them apart and place them in the already made white flower arrangements.

DSCF4197 (2)


DSCF4198 (2)

Walmart is my favorite store to find home decor. The tin house under the chair was under $15.00. The tin olive bucket on the table was also a Walmart find and for a great price for under $5.00.

DSCF4215 (2)


DSCF4233 (2)


DSCF4326 (2)


DSCF4322 (2)

Mini orange pumpkin table centerpiece. Loving this fabric, which is another Walmart find.

DSCF4330 (2)


DSCF4256 (2)


DSCF4484 (2)



DSCF4432 (2)



DSCF4434 (2)


DSCF4468 (2)

Garden Shed

DSCF4478 (2)


DSCF4481 (2)

In the evening when the sunsets, lights go on and the porch looks wonderful.

DSCF4423 (2)


DSCF4365 (2)


DSCF4427 (2)


DSCF4417 (3)

Thank you for visiting! Till next time!


11 thoughts on “Fall Pumpkins, Pansies & More

  1. ……as I’ve said before, you need to be a designer and photographer! Your lay-outs are perfect for any home/garden magazine, truly!
    Love the shed and garden bench shot, has “down home” appeal.
    I always enjoy seeing phillipsplace come up on my computer screen for I know there’s a “treat” for sure within a touch of a key…..thanks for being so creative and thanks for sharing!


    • Hello Grace! You always put a smile on my face! Ha-ha! Thank you so much for your compliments! I had so much fun decorating for fall here, I don’t always go all out but I did a little this time. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Always happy to hear from you! Yours truly!


  2. Elizabeth, I agree with the others – you are very talented! I love seeing your Texas porch with all the pretty plants. Aren’t we so lucky that most of them will survive the winter? Your mums are gorgeous and I love the little lights you have out there too. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. You find such great decor items! So pretty! And how fun to have an outdoor movie night. We live very near you and are enjoying our cool evenings on the deck, but mosquitoes are a bit of a pest. Loving our mild temps and our vincas still look lovely … hope they last a bit longer. ๐Ÿ™‚


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