End of Summer Home Decor


Hello everyone! So happy it’s the weekend! August here in Texas is extremely HOT and one of my busiest months! I’m getting back into my fall work schedule. No more sleeping in or stay up late! Ha-ha!

Slowly but surely I’ve been changing my home decor from summer into pre-fall. I’m not yet ready for pumpkins, but thinking about what I might do different from last year. I am definitely looking forward to some cooler fall weather.

If all goes well, I do have a fall project coming up! Hopefully! Details later! Ha-ha!Ā 

My kitchen buffet I like to change throughout the seasons. Away went the cookie jars that I usually put up in the spring & summer. I now have my favorite cow tray up and a couple of pitchers with my off white dishes.


DSCF3428 (4)

DSCF3418 (3)

DSCF3437 (3)


I kept the master bedroom simple. On my vintage dresser I filled a blue & white tea pot with zinnias from my garden. I also placed a clear vase with flowers on my bedside table and lavender on my husbands side.


DSCF3361 (2)


DSCF3373 (2)


DSCF3308 (2)

I found this butterfly print at an antique shop for only five dollars! I love it when I find deals like that! Plus! I already had the frame!

DSCF3321 (2)

DSCF3314 (2)

DSCF3377 (3)


DSCF3388 (3)

DSCF3353 (2)

DSCF3304 (2)

DSCF3372 (2)


“And all at once summer collapsed into fall.” – Oscar Wilde

Till next time, enjoy your end of summer!


6 comments on “End of Summer Home Decor”

  1. Love all the “shots” but favorite is the second one in blue/white bedroom…it’s all monotone and then then out of nowhere comes this Wedgewood pitcher filled with summer, red and pink Zinnias that POP on the scene…gorgeous! Thanks, Elizabeth, for truly professional vignettes of still life…perfectionism at it’s best!


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