Spring & Summer Flowers 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog, so glad your here! Okay! I have to be honest, I’m a little sad my summer is ending. It usually takes me about a week to feel better once my fall schedule starts and then I’m ready to move onto fall! Ha-ha!

Today I wanted to share some of my Spring & Summer memories of flower arrangements I’ve made this year. My arrangements are not elaborate. Pretty simple in fact, but no matter, I love having fresh flowers in my home. Check out last years flower arrangements here.

I hope you made happy memories this summer and if you’re a little down too, (((HUGS))) to you from me.

2018 Spring & Summer Flowers

DSCF1076 (2)

DSCF0588 (2)

DSCF0820 (2)

DSCF0882 (2)

DSCF0946 (2)

DSCF1055 (4)

DSCF1303 (3)

DSCF1384 (2).JPG

DSCF1332 (3)

DSCF1331 (3)

DSCF1403 (3)

DSCF1551 (2)

DSCF1552 (2)

DSCF1786 (2)

DSCF2061 (2)

DSCF2595 (2)

DSCF2758 (2)

I’ve had a wonderful time cutting fresh zinnias from my garden this season. We’ve enjoyed watching the hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees etc. It’s been a fun summer and I hope you will enjoy the rest of what’s left of your summer.

Yours truly, Elizabeth

6 thoughts on “Spring & Summer Flowers 2018

  1. Love fresh flower arrangements. Yours are bright & cheerful! I enjoy Spring and Summer very much but look forward to the beautiful Fall colors and cooler temperatures. Have a nice weekend!


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