Engagement Pictures

Hello everyone! Cannot believe summer is ending! Time sure does go by fast while having fun! Doesn’t it? During the middle of summer something neat happen here! I am proud to announce, my oldest daughter Irene is engaged! Time to celebrate!! Ha-ha! One of the reasons I am sharing this great news; is because my daughter and her fiance Anthony, chose our place to take their engagement pictures!

Congratulations to my daughter and my future son in law.

Garden Shed

IreneAndAnthony-2 (2)

I purposely made the LOVE sign on the flower box.


IreneAndAnthony-15 (1)


The Tree Swing

I thought the flowers would add a nice touch.



IreneAndAnthony-51 (3)



Thank you for letting me show you life here at the Phillip’s Place.Β  Till next time!

12 thoughts on “Engagement Pictures

  1. Happiness Forever to the newly engaged pair! Elizabeth, Irene looks like you, gorgeous smile. The photos taken at Phillipsplace are adorable, unique and quite a statement! Love the special staging, the flowers on the swing, and the loving expressions of the cute couple….perfect photos at Phillipsplace!!


  2. Congratulations to the lovely couple! How nice they will have special memories with their engagement pictures at phillipsplace! Exciting times for your family!


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