Summer Outdoor Tour

Hello everyone and welcome to my HOT summer outdoor tour! We are now officially in the heat of summer! I do feel like summer is going by way to fast, but I intend to enjoy every bit of it! I am so happy to share with you our outdoor space! Good things are happening here! The lawn is finally filling in with a mixture of St. Augustine grass and Bermuda grass. Two years ago most of the yard was destroyed due to hauling in dirt to prepare for the foundation for our home. So glad that’s over with! The garden looks awesome with the flowers in full bloom and we’re enjoying the cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs in our salads. Looking forward to showing you some special touches we’ve added to our haven.

 Front Lawn

DSCF2113 (2)


DSCF2125 (2)

Welcome to our Back Porch

DSCF1591 (2)

This year I planted mostly greenery on the porch.

DSCF2298 (2)

I found this little figurine at Goodwill. I thought it would look nice in one of my potted plants.

Little tiny fairy garden.




This is my porch table I set out near the patio door. I can see this table from the inside of the kitchen. Nice view from the inside and out. I placed some potted plants and vintage lantern. The champagne bottle adds a nice touch.

DSCF1613 (2)

Dale made this shelf for me, perfect height for flowers and we can view them from the inside.




Corner of the porch.


I like using some faux flowers too.


We love to eat out on the porch as much as possible.

The dish set is Better Homes & Gardens, purchased at Walmart. I love the blue & white pattern, trimmed with red around the edges.

DSCF1744 (2)

Napkins I made from left over fabric. I simply just cut using pinking shears, no sewing. Purchased the tablecloth fabric from Walmart.






Zinnias from the garden.


Hummingbirds like to eat on the porch too!

DSCF1795 (2)




DSCF1797 (2)


DSCF1798 (2)


DSCF1596 (2)

Future Outdoor Kitchen

DSCF1986 (2)

Preparing for future electrical work.

DSCF1988 (2)


DSCF1992 (2)

Mr. Phillips all done.

DSCF1995 (2)

I can imagine this will be a nice place to grill.

DSCF2088 (2)

Back Porch

DSCF2323 (2)

This plant holder was previously a small round table and the top rotted out, so we recycled by using it for my potted herbs.

DSCF2329 (2)

Sweet basil, chocolate mint, spearmint and sweet mint.

DSCF2311 (2)


DSCF2310 (2)

Fairy Garden

I do have more plans for this fairy garden, but I had to start somewhere.

DSCF2304 (2)


DSCF2306 (2)

Welcome to Queen E’s Garden

My garden is a small garden which makes it easy for me to care for. I planted vegetables that we like in our salads. I included zinnias for cut flowers.

DSCF2367 (3)

The garden cat.

DSCF1918 (2)

Cucumber vines.

DSCF2269 (3)

Pickling cucumbers

Red Peppers



DSCF1874 (2)




Cherry tomatoes

DSCF2362 (2)

Flowers in the garden.

DSCF2277 (2)


DSCF2351 (2)


DSCF2266 (2)

This hummingbird showed up while taking pictures of my garden.

DSCF2249 (2)


DSCF2264 (2)


DSCF2260 (2)


DSCF2155 (2)


DSCF2355 (3)

Rose Garden

DSCF2158 (2)

We planted a little rose garden.

DSCF2172 (2)

Julia Child

DSCF2163 (2)

Cinco de Mayo

DSCF2165 (2)

The previous owners had a flower bed with these sea shells in them. We’ve kept them and now they have a new place.

DSCF2169 (2)

Garden Shed

DSCF2337 (3)


DSCF2331 (3)

I made this rag wreath. Easy and inexpensive.

DSCF2285 (2)

Dale spray painted the chair and his old lawn mower. The chair was charcoal color and didn’t stand out so we chose to give it a brighter color. I made the garland using fabric cut into strips. Top of mower is a Hibiscus plant.

DSCF2283 (2)

We thought this old mower would be a fun piece of yard art.

DSCF2219 (2)

I painted the tin love letters white and added them to the flower box.

DSCF2292 (3)

For the color combinations I choose greens and blues.

DSCF2289 (3)


DSCF2363 (2)

DSCF2103 (2)

Dale made this bird house years ago, I repainted using outdoor acrylic paint.

DSCF2281 (3)


DSCF2333 (2)

Back Lawn

DSCF2133 (2)

One of the first things we did, when we purchased our property was put up a tree swing! My favorite place to sit. This swing already has some history. Dale and I posed here for one of our wedding pictures. Friends and family have also picture posed here as well. Our first family gathering, the kids played on this swing for hours. Clayton homes photography team took a picture of us here also.

Tree Swing

DSCF2324 (3)

Picture below taken by Clayton Homes photography team.


Thank you for staying awhile and we hope you are having a great summer! Stay cool till next time!

The Phillips






























15 thoughts on “Summer Outdoor Tour

  1. Everything is so pretty, Elizabeth! Your grass is so green and lush! Your veggies make me really wish I had done raised gardens this year. There’s always next year though.

    Please come by Poofing the Pillows next Friday and link this with our garden party. 🙂


  2. Your hard work has certainly paid off for your readers! What a feast for the eyes! I love the flowers, veggie garden, the lush inviting lawn, the whimsical decorations, and the displays of your heart and soul! This has been a treat! Thank you for sharing.


    • Hmmm I don’t remember where I got the cat. I think I purchased it at Hobby Lobby. I’ve had it for about four years now. As far as a place to find yard art, for me it’s just using the things I have around for example we used an old lawn mower and gave it fresh coat of paint, another example the bird house we made using reclaimed wood and painted it. Thank you Noreen for your comment, I’m sorry I could not help you as far as suggesting a particular place.

      Sincerely, Elizabeth


  3. Everything is so pretty, Elizabeth! You’ve done amazing things in this sweltering Texas heat! We live in your same county and we’re practically melting. Stay cool!


  4. Love your beautiful green grass & trees. Your vegetable and flower garden are lovely! So glad you have this special place to enjoy. Thanks for sharing with us. Enjoy the summer!


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