Summer Home Tour

Hello my friends and welcome to my blog! Summer is here!! Wow! I love all seasons but summer is one of my favorites! This time of year I get to take a little break from work and enjoy our home!

Today I am featuring our summer home decor! Summer is a very colorful time of year, the flowers are in full bloom, vegetables are growing and everyone’s lawns are green, etc.! Ha-ha! I wanted to make sure to add some color to my summer home decor with greenery and flowers from my garden, but most importantly you will see my grandmothers colorful hand embroidery. I feel very blessed that my mother past these pieces on to me. So grab yourself a cold drink and enjoy my summer home tour!

I’m very excited that we were able to plant some roses this year. These beautiful yellow roses are displayed on top of my kitchen island along with one of my grandmother’s embroidery pieces.

ย Julia Child Roses

DSCF1403 (2)

I added an artificial orchid plant along with a live plant to add some greenery to the gallery wall.



DSCF1413 (2)

Out on the Porch is the best place to be.

DSCF1515 (2)

My painted Egret picture on the upper shelf adds summer color.


For my table center piece I simply added some sea shells to a white bowl.

DSCF1451 (2)

Live greenery on the buffet.


Silver Ice Bucket Planter.

DSCF1504 (2)


DSCF1509 (2)


DSCF1445 (2)

Summer Dining Room Decor.

DSCF1476 (2)

Master Bedroom Summer Decor.

Our master bedroom is one of my favorite rooms to be in! It’s been four months since we remodeled this room and we are enjoying it very much!

DSCF1547 (2)

Vintage Dresser Vignette

I dried these beautiful hydrangea’s, they were originally pink and they turned into this bluish lavender color.

DSCF1331 (2)


DSCF1332 (3)

Willow Tree Cake Topper

I always make sure to display our wedding cake topper this time of year to represent our summer wedding.

DSCF1382 (3)

Embroidery pillow case, handmade by my grandmother Tomasita Vera.

DSCF1363 (2)

Fresh flowers from the garden.

DSCF1542 (2)

Zinnias from my garden.

Fresh cut flowers is awesome! I change out the flowers every few days and it’s nice not having to buy store-bought flowers.




DSCF1384 (2)







I added this tiny vase on my husband’s bedside table. I make sure to keep fresh flowers on his side too.


That’s all for my summer home tour! Stay tuned! I’ll be back for our, Outdoor Summer Tour!

DSCF1303 (2)

Thank you so much for staying a while! Have a wonderful awesome summer!


19 thoughts on “Summer Home Tour

  1. I enjoy your posts very much. I don’t live in a mobile home, but I have lived in three different singles and one double. I enjoy mobile home life, it always seemed like they were so easy to clean and take care of!. You are doing a great job. and it is a great way to get out of debt sooner! I like my house, but I hate the debt!


  2. I love what you are doing. And the flower blooms for summer decor is a whole new level of visual interest infusing in decorating our homes! Love the decor ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Your summer home is lovely and colorful. Your grandmotherโ€™s needlework is beautiful and adds a special touch. I know you treasure it. I feel the same about my grandmotherโ€™s pieces. Happy Fourth of July! Enjoy your summer!


  4. Your home looks so nice and bright and beautiful may I say! I just bought my first mobile home two weeks ago and am now in the process of unpacking and decorating my home. I can’t wait to be done so I can share some photos. Thanks for sharing your post!
    Have a blessed night!๐ŸŒ˜ and a Happy 4th of July ๐ŸŽ†


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  6. Thank you for this lovely tour. Your home is so crisp, flower fresh, and filled with invitational warmth. I plan to visit again!


  7. i live in a fairly new mobile home and love it [single wide] however we have just bought a 196010 wide looks like the day it came from the factory original stove and fridge can hardly wait to have it delivered and i can start decorating .this the first time i found your blog won’t be the last the 10 wide will be a guest house


    • Wow Nancy sounds awesome! The 10 wide will be perfect for a guest house! It’s been a dream of mine to have a guest house, maybe one day. Thank you so much for leaving a comment and have fun decorating! ๐Ÿ™‚


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