Last Days of Spring

Hi! I hope you are enjoying your last days of Spring! Here in Texas we’ve had some nice spring days and I’m very grateful! We usually go from winter to summer! Ha-ha!

The last time I posted on my blog it was about our master bedroom reveal, which is how we started our spring! We have since taken a break from home projects and both Dale and I have been enjoying our home.

In April I planted some flower seeds in the garden and also planted tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, cantaloupe and some herbs. The garden is starting to look wonderful! Happy to say, we’ve been hanging out on our back porch as much as possible!

Another exciting thing that happen here in the spring! Clayton Homes photography team came here to take pictures of our home! We had so much fun! I will notify you when Clayton’s team plans to post our story.

I would like to share some photos of our last days of spring here at the Phillips Place.

P.S. Spring outdoor project! Dale installed a water system for the garden. Yay!

Spring Dining Room Decor.

DSCF0848 (2)



My first cut flowers from the garden.

DSCF0882 (2)

Back Porch


Spring flower & herbs arrangement.



DSCF1027 (2)

Dale and I try to eat our meals on the porch as much as possible.



DSCF1031 (2)






DSCF1055 (2)

Β I love leaving fruit out on the kitchen island. Delicious healthy snacks.


Queen E’s Garden

DSCF1200 (2)

The garden now has a water system, which will make gardening easier.

DSCF1214 (2)

Potted tomato plants.

DSCF1216 (2)





DSCF1211 (2)

Last Days Spring Flower Arrangement

DSCF1076 (2)

Spring Shed Decor.

DSCF1203 (3)

Mimosa tree in full bloom.


Texas Shed


Picture below

Compliments from Clayton Homes Photography Team.


10 thoughts on “Last Days of Spring

  1. Who needs Clayton Hones taking pictures…you’re the true artist! Pictures are awesome…love the composition, “picture perfect.” The Blue Wedgewood with the fuschia Daisy is breathtaking. Yes, let us know when you will be published and will go onsite and view. Congrats, you and Dale deserve a “layout” as you’ve done so much for the Mobile/MH housing business.
    Enjoy the summer among your beautiful flowers and beautiful home decorations!


      • …as I’ve said, I purchased a MH in Florida last year and hope to “renovate/redecorate” in the Elizabeth/Dale style which is. “Farmhouse/Vintage/Industrial.” I love it! I’m taking so many of your ideas and implementing them in my 1980’s MH. I have a start, now to continue on….


  2. Beautiful home and gardens. So much thought goes into your projects. A happy place. I am also loving those slim shutters surrounding that clock. Purchased where? And who would have thought a pvc gate? Loving it.


  3. Love your beautiful decor & the flowers for Spring! You and Dale have accomplished so much in making your home so inviting & comfortable. So glad you are being featured with Clayton Homes! Thank you for continuing to inspire us. ~Carol


  4. I enjoy reading your posts and looking at your photos. I am in the process of buying my first Mobile home and I can’t wait to be able to start fixing it up! Your postings inspire me!


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