DIY Nightstands

Hello everyone! Before I show you the reveal of the master bedroom, I want to tell you about my DIY project first! This project involves our two nightstands and they are the cherry on top that makes the completion of our master bedroom.

As soon as we moved into our home, I was on the hunt for two nightstands for the master bedroom. I knew our future bed side tables needed to serve more than just putting lamps and stuff on top, we needed some storage space! While shopping at Goodwill I found a piece of furniture that I thought would serve well. What I like about this piece, it has great storage! Three side drawers and one door on the left side. Even better the price was under $30.00!! I was so excited and could not wait to show Dale!

I wish I could show you the expression on my husband’s face when I brought it home. Ha-ha! He just kind of looked at it and said, “Do you know what that is?” I said, “No.” He then informed me that’s a computer stand. After taking a closer look, I realized he was right! Ha-ha! What Dale was really trying to say is, he thought the piece was hideous! My answer for everything! I am going to paint it!

Later we found a small dresser while visiting a pet shop in Brenham, Texas. Yes a pet store! The store owner was using this piece to display items and we took a chance and ask, if the dresser was for sale? Thank goodness she sold it to us!

After doing some research on chalk paint, I was up for the challenge to chalk paint our nightstands. I found a shop in Katy, Texas that sells Annie Sloan chalk paint. The shop, Multiplicity is a wonderful boutique. If you’re ever in the area be sure to visit! I was so grateful for Emily taking the time to explain how to chalk paint. She actually painted a couple of small samples for me and gave me some tips.


As much as I like the yellow dresser, yellow is a warm color and had to be changed. My desire is for a more cool color.


As you can see this dresser is nice with good storage.

DSCF0668 (2)

This originally was a computer stand. Do you remember the tall computer towers? The left side door was used to storage a computer tower. We use it to storage extra blankets. The three drawers holds all of Dale’s knickknacks. Works perfectly for our needs.


Before taking the hardware apart. I cleaned both stands with soap and water.

DSCF0671 (3)


DSCF0672 (2)

Close up of the side door. I love the texture on the door.


Same texture on the drawer.


Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I chose Old Violet for the color and going to finish with White Wax. This shade is dark and I felt we needed some contrast in our room.


Dale’s nightstand.

Painting the first coat. I made sure to apply a thin layer, that way when I paint the second coat it will adhere better. Tip from Emily.

DSCF0679 (2)

Elizabeth’s nightstand.

Painting the first coat, again making sure to apply a thin layer.

DSCF0680 (3)


DSCF0683 (2)

 Two coats of paint.


I love the paint color. Touch of violet and blue.



DSCF0686 (2)

Gave it 24 hours to dry before I wax.


I used a blue towel to apply the white wax and hand buffed until the surface was smooth. This takes a little muscle but worth it at the end.

DSCF0691 (2)


DSCF0695 (2)


Elizabeth’s Nightstand

DSCF0693 (2)


Dale’s Nightstand


Wow! What a difference! This piece looks handsome.

DSCF0696 (2)

I hope you enjoyed! I am no expert at chalk paint but I found it to be pretty easy. If you are interested, there is so much info on the internet.

I am so looking forward to showing you our room! Till next time! Take care! I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful spring weather!

20180427_182023 (2)

5 thoughts on “DIY Nightstands

  1. I love the paint on the nightstands. What a great way to renew those pieces of furniture to be useful and beautiful. They look wonderful with the redone walls.


  2. Again, another project completed…..marvelously and masterfully! Love the Violet paint, as has a rich, colorful, yet calming effect, does it not? You did good! I like the mismatch of side cabinets/furniture in bedroom, but painting same color adds element interest and design cohesion. Is your vintage, iron bedstead a “find” or family heirloom? LOVE!
    We have a condo in MI, Queen Anne Victorian home in KY, and just bought a manufactured home in FL; am going to use a few of your “design treatments” to “spruce up” the interior…can hardly wait!
    Thanks “E&D!”


  3. Congratulations on your manufactured home Grace! So happy that Dale and I can give you some design tips for your new home! Our wrought iron bed was a find we got from Wayfair. It’s new but I like that it looks vintage. 🙂


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