Master Bedroom Remodel Part 1

Hello, Hello! I know I’ve been MIA and I’m happy to be back! If you have been wondering what I’ve been up to? Well! Once we finished the media room we immediately started remodeling the master bedroom! I know! Can you believe that?! Crazy! I am very excited to tell y’all about our room!

First things first! I wanted to address the strips on the walls. Most mobile homes have strips every 4 feet to cover up the panel seams. For months we thought about maybe applying wainscoting on the walls to cover up the strips; another idea was to plank the wall, but at a great expense and time. I did not want to spend that kind of money and take too much time doing the work. I thought about our previous home how we covered up the strips with 3 inch cut plywood. Dale and I brainstorm about how we could really do something on a budget. I thought about the brown board Dale installed in the Bonnell to some of the walls. That’s when the light bulb went on! The tempered brown board is perfect! Its light weight and very inexpensive!

The plan

1. Remove all the strips on the walls including around the windows and doors. Once the strips were removed Dale sanded all the walls. Not fun! Prepped the walls. I wiped all the walls and vacuum to remove all the dust from the surface. Primed the walls

2. Rip and install baseboards and door trim using ½ plywood. (Plywood is more budget friendly then pine 1 X 4’s.) Baseboards we ripped 3 inches and for the door trim we ripped 2 1/2 inches. We also used 2 ½ inch trim for the windows. We primed all the ripped boards before installing. Install door trim, baseboards and window trim.

3. Install 2 inch brown board along the walls to create a board and batten look. Ripped tempered brown board into 2 inch strips. Install the 2 inch strips to cover panel seams and added strips to give the wall a more uniform look. Prime the strips.

4. Caulked between the ceiling and original upper trim to cover up gaps. Caulk the window trim. Painted the already primed baseboards and trim. Painted the walls with two coats.

The plan was to do all this in 2 days! Ha-ha! This project took us 4 days. Still not bad for a semi major remodel.

Please note: The first few pictures does not show the accurate color of the room. Some have a yellowish or pinkish look. I had my camera set incorrectly.


DSCF0474 (2)



DSCF0473 (2)

Here you can see the brown strips around the windows and doors.

DSCF0471 (2)

Left picture is the entry door to the room from the kitchen and the right picture is the door to the bathroom.

Closet Door

DSCF0479 (2)

Strips removed from the walls and around the doors. We did not remove the upper strip against the ceiling.


Strips removed around the windows.


The seams between the panels.

DSCF0486 (2)

Walls sanded.




Primed Walls






Applying the trim around the doors. Yes I’m not just posing for the picture, I installed all the door trim. LOL


Applying the baseboards.




Installing the 2 inch strips the first of many! This turned out to be time consuming, we made sure to level each strip.


Strips Done!


While installing these strips Dale and I would joke about, “Who’s great ideas was this?”

I’m going to end this blog with a video we filmed the morning after we installed the strips. You can get a better look at the room. I have to be honest with you, after the strips were done, it freaked me out a little. I actually started to second guess myself if we made the right decision to apply the strips. I think the brown color of the strips were very distracting to me. I felt like I was in a cage. Ha-ha! I hope we perked your interest! Till next time.

This video doesn’t exist











7 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Remodel Part 1

  1. Yes, waiting for the results as I agree looks rather “caged” at this time…but knowing you and Dale, will be gorgeous when completed! I have total faith your “redo project” will enhance your Master Bedroom.
    Seems as if all you two undertake in house renovation turns out as a “Photo Shoot” for a magazine…..
    can hardly wait for finished photos!


    • Funny you say “Photo Shoot” because that is what I tell Dale. I use that term when I am about to set a time to take pictures of our projects and I am a fan of magazines! I get a lot of inspiration from magazines. Thank you Grace for your faith in us! We appreciate it!


  2. I am always happy to see a new post! Love your idea of the board & batten. Looking forward to more posts on your progress and the final reveal. You and Dale continue to inspire!


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