Home Theater Sound Panels

Hello Everyone and Happy Spring Break! Yesterday we spent our whole day making sound panels for the media room! I knew we would have a busy day ahead of us so I made some wonderful blueberry muffins to start.


Making the sound panels.


We use 100% black cotton fabric and cut to size.

DSCF0170 (2)

Inserting 2 inch Roxul Rockboard Acoustic Mineral Wool 60-6lbs.pcf



DSCF0174 (2)

First Panel installed behind the left front main speaker.

DSCF0176 (2)


Second panel behind the right front main speaker.


For the back wall sound panels we had to use 1 inch thick Owens Corning 703 Acoustic insulation, because the space between the back wall and the door is only three inches. We had to make thinner panels so that there would be room for the door to open.



20180310_132032 (2)

Third panel next to the back left surround speaker.


Fourth panel next to the back right surround speaker.

20180310_140121 (2)

Dale installed a sound panel on the entry door which is the fifth panel next to the left surround speaker.

DSCF0211 (2)

Dale used a different color fabric for the side panels. Textured black, gray with specks of black.


I got the job folding the corners because I was better at that than Dale. He was better at nailing the fabric to the wood frames.

DSCF0214 (2)

Ironing the corners flat.

DSCF0204 (2)

Installing the sixth sound panel.


As you can see we walk around the house barefoot. Keeping it real. Ha-ha!


Sixth sound panel next to the right surround speaker.


Installing the seventh and eight sound panels

The 7th and 8th sound panels are positioned at the first reflection point from the two front main speakers.

Preparing ceiling for the last sound panel.




The ceiling sound panel is called the cloud. It’s the first reflection point of the ceiling from the front speakers.


DSCF0232 (2)

Phillips Place Mini Media Room

DSCF0233 (3)


Last night we did our first sound test, listening to some music (Pink Floyd) and wow what a difference! Installing the sound panels has definitely dampened the room.

We are so happy we finished our Home Theater! Looks unbelievable! There are a few more things we plan to do, but we will keep you up to date as they come into play. I promise I will not torture you guys anymore! I plan to show you the reveal of our Home Theater this week!

Thank you for stoping by Dale & Elizabeth Phillips


2 thoughts on “Home Theater Sound Panels

  1. I call see you ironing out wrinkles in your pillowcases, I do! You want everything perfect and it shows in all you try…..Dale and you complement one another and is reason why your work projects are successful and professional. Can tell respect and love is part of your โ€œworkday,โ€ Keep up your faith in God, family and each other. Those blueberry muffins looked delicious, by the way, I noticed the blue tea towels for photographic accent, nice!


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