Scene 3, Behind the Scenes

Hello and welcome to my blog! We are very close to finishing up the Media Room! Today I wanted to share with you all the details that are behind the scenes. When planning the media room, Dale’s vision was to make this room look wireless. He has accomplished that, by making channels in the front wall to hide wires and placing trim around to hide speaker wires.

When I say we are close to finishing up I mean the room is done except for one last step! Dale is topping it off with sound panels that he is placing in certain areas of the room to dampen the echo (sound waves) in the room. Think about when you go to the theater, the theater floors are carpeted and the walls have fabric which helps with a better surround sound. We are doing the same thing but in a smaller scale.

TIP: When doing our main electrical hookup, we requested the electrician to add an extra outlet on a separate breaker to the third bedroom. We knew that room would be our future Media Room.

Dale and his son installed the television. Afterwards, all the speakers, receiver, DVD and turn table were installed. We also purchased a new light for the ceiling and installed led lights to three walls. Every detail makes a difference! The room looks wonderful! It is officially a Home Theater!

TV Mount


This wide channel will hide wires. Dale installed magnets for easy removal.


To cover the channel Dale cut 3/16th brown hard board to size and stained it with the same stain applied on the wall. The outlet you see on the left is on the breaker we added. The plug you see on the right was the original outlet. 


Floating center speaker and covered channel.


This serge protector is plug into one outlet.


This lower serge protector you see is plugged into the other outlet.


This smaller channel is for the left speaker.


This will be covered with steel trim.


Trim will hide speaker wires.




Speaker installed.




TV Stand

DSC_0994 (2)

In the process of installation.






Steel trim covers the right side speakers.


Now you see no wires!


LED ceiling light.



Light installed.


Sound dampening insulation.



Making the frames for the sound panels.




Preparing the mounting for the sound panels.




LED Strip lights.


LED lights installed.


Please view short video of our LED lights.

This video doesn’t exist


I’ve tried to give you as much information on what we are doing. Working on this project has been amazing! I think Dale has done a wonderful job putting this room together! So many details! So many steps! I know it will be worth it in the end! Please feel free to comment and ask any questions you might have.

We appreciate you previewing behind the scenes,

Dale & Elizabeth Phillips






4 thoughts on “Scene 3, Behind the Scenes

  1. Love, love, love the changing lights that surround your media room! How many colors do you have to accent the décor and space? What an idea, what design, what work, what a great place to hang out and watch TV, a movie or just relax…..I want one! Pictures when totally completed, please!


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