Scene 2

Hello! So much has happen since my last post! Just in case you haven’t notice, I’ve given my blog a new look and upgraded! Now I can upload more pictures and videos. Let me know what you think! Now to the more important stuff! Scene 2!

Happy to say our home theater is coming along nicely. The ceiling and the walls have been painted! Yay! The wallsย were very slick, to prepare the walls for paint,ย Dale sanded the walls, then primed the walls with Zinsser Bulls Eye 1 2 3 plus primer. The wall paint color is Aviatrix, from Sherwin Williams in eggshell. The ceiling paint color is Dovetail, Sherwin Williams in flat. This color is just a little lighter than the wall color. Believe it or not Dale choose these shades and I think he did a great job picking out the colors!

So many details, I will let the pictures tell you the story.


Sanding the walls.



Most mobile homes have strips that cover up the seems between the Sheetrock. Some people remove the strips and tape and float them and texture the wall. In this picture, Dale is adding a strip to the back wall that he saved from the front wall, to make the wall look uniform.


Shelves for speakers and the center triangle is for a CD rack.

Trim to cover speaker wires.


Dale cut a groove in the center of the trim for the speaker wires.


From a square strip of wood Dale cut a 45 degree bevel.


Dale installed guide blocks along the wall and nailed them to the 2 x 4 studs to support and to keep the trim straight.

This trim is not only for looks, it will hide wires.



Media Window.

Taking down the original trim which was uneven. Dale installed brown hard board to make it smooth. Looks so much better.







Caulk, Caulk, everything gets caulked!

Caulking done.



Screenshot_20180217-172244 (2)

Priming the walls.



The painting begins, after letting the primer cure for 24 hours!



Painting the ceiling.


Ceiling is finished.

Sherwin Williams, Dovetail.


Painting the walls.






Finishing up the first coat of paint.


Second coat of paint.


Walls finished.

The walls look wonderful!


Scene 2 Video

This video doesn’t exist


Leave a comment if you like, tell us what you think of our latest DIY project!

Stay tune for Scene 3, behind the scenes.

12 thoughts on “Scene 2

  1. Your home looks lovely. I am sure that your husband will be thrilled once everything is finished. Has he decided on what movie he is planning on showing to debut the completion of the media room? Have you purchased a popcorn machine yet? (You can’t watch movies without popcorn ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Love how your media room is coming along! Obviously a lot of time has been spent in designing it and then all the work to complete it. Looking forward to the reveal & what movie you select! I like how you and Dale โ€œthink out of the boxโ€ and are making your home special for you! I love all your posts. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


  3. the room looks awesome but the 2nd door looks like it is opening up into the hallway from the other direction.why would you want 2 doors in the media room. i like the way you decorate. i cant wait until i can see the finished look.


    • Hello Gail! Yes we have two doors, the media room was originally meant to be a bedroom. The door you see is the entry door and the other is a closet. We thought about maybe closing up the closet, but chose not to. We really need the storage. Thank you so much for your question and your comment, ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Hi Gail, Dale started out sanding by hand, then decided it would be faster to use the orbiter sander. I know it’s very tedious job but worth it in the end. The walls are so slick is why we chose to hand sand and then prime, before paint. We experimented first with our closet walls and so far the walls have held up fine. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. you know this going to start a new trend, now we will start seeing a media room in new anniversaries. yours is beautiful, i was raised in mobile homes all of my life, i have a fascination with them.


    • Hi Gail! Believe it or not some manufactured homes have some floor plans that include a media room. Clayton Homes had one at a much higher price. I hope you enjoy Scene 3, Behind the scenes! I hope the great reveal will be here soon!:)


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