Scene 1

Hello everyone! Guess what? Today is Dale’s Birthday! He tells me all he wants for his birthday is his media room! Ha-ha! Well his wish shall be granted! Today is an exciting day because he is on the down side of finishing up the room! But first let me show you what he has done so far!

The most time consuming is the front wall. Dale has applied MDF on the TV wall for easier installation.


To cover up the channels on the sides Dale used 1/8 X 2 inch steel. These channels will hide wires. The purpose for the steel is for it’s thinness and the strength we need for holding up the flat screen TV.

DSC_1697 (2)

Dale is installing a cove for the 1 1/2 inch strip he plans to install.

The 1 1/2 strip will help in creating a cavity to hide wires behind the TV.

DSC_1703 (2)


Future shelf for the center channel speaker.

DSC_1709 (2)

Here you can see the thinness of the steel.

In the center you can see the cavity Dale created which is 12 inches wide, plenty of space for wires. I am loving the steel!


When the weather is nice, the outdoors becomes Dale’s workshop. Here he’s making a speaker shelf.


To make the shelf Dale used 3/4 thick MDF and trimmed it with Oak. The reason for the angled shelf is so that the speaker can face the listener.


Dale applied Ebony stained to the MDF and the Oak. Looks fabulous!




Dale made a track (receiving piece) that the future shelf will slide onto. The reason for the removable shelf is to have access to the closet.


Opposite side.


This piece of angle iron steel will be bolted to the shelf to interlock with receiving piece on the wall.

This wall is going to look awesome! Ready for stain.


Dale is staining the MDF and Steel with Ebony stain.

DSC_1735 (2)

Dale plans to matte clear coat the wall. It’s important to try to have none reflective walls for a home theater.

DSC_1741 (2)

Happy Birthday Dale!


About Dale

Dale loves working with steel. His first job was a welder. He loves music and has always been interested in stereo’s. In his teenage years he always had a nice sound system and now in his mature years believes in having a nice sound room. His favorite music is classic rock! He loves Boston, ACDC just to name a few.

Till next time! Yours truly, Elizabeth

Take a sneak peek! Video below, this is what the room looks like as of today. 

This video doesn’t exist













4 thoughts on “Scene 1

  1. Looking good! Especially like the stain idea to lessen the glare. Never thought how much paint reflects, but it does, good idea!
    Am waiting for the end results which I know will be outstanding….you both do such great work in designing and building.

    The weather seems to be perfect for an indoor/outdoor project. Will you have done in time for today’s Super Bowl game?
    Let’s hope so! What a room to view entertainment!
    Can hardly wait to see “Dale’s Den!”


  2. I look forward to every post. We are looking at getting a Anniversary in the Northeast. You help me see it as a home. So different than just walking into the model on the lot. Thank you, Loni


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