Future Home Projects

Hello and welcome to my blog! Dale continues to work on the media room! I can’t wait to show you! I ask Mr. Phillips if he could give me a time frame, when the media room might be complete? His prediction is sometime in February. Mean while I have been organizing our home and getting rid of stuff and enjoying my homemade lattes! Ha-ha! Yummy! I also have been looking through paint samples, which I love to do!

I am looking through some neutral paint color samples for our kitchen and dining room. The walls already have a neutral color, but it’s not bright enough for me. I think painting the walls a lighter color will bring some much needed contrast. This home project will happen at a later date, because our master bedroom is next on the list! Yay! I have already chosen a color for our room. But you will have to wait to find out! Ha-ha!


 I purchased this beautiful Better Homes & Garden quilt from Walmart. It reminds me of winter white! The gray stitching is so beautiful! I still have my gray quilt you’ve seen in previous pictures. I plan to keep it and maybe mix it with this quilt to give it a different look. I kept the snowflake pillow on the bed from my Christmas décor. It’s a cute winter pillow!


This is my dining room buffet and one of my favorite spots to photograph. Inside the white pitcher is the dried sea oats grass I used for my Christmas tablescape. Shown here. I love this natural grass, so dainty and beautiful.

My winter white décor.


Elizabeth’s Homemade Mocha Latte


This is how I make my homemade latte.

This can be made without an espresso machine or a frothier.

  1. Brewed Espresso. I use Starbucks Espresso Roast. (Regular coffee maker)
  2. Milk of your choice. I use Almond Milk. 3/4 cup of milk, pour milk in a plastic shaker and shake it up for about 60 seconds. (Good exercise for the arms.)
  3. Pour the milk in a Pyrex glass. I use a 2 cup Pyrex measuring cup, Microwave the milk for 1 minute.
  4. Reach for your favorite coffee cup! Pour the brewed espresso about a third of a cup or more if you like. I put a teaspoon of sugar, more if you’d like. For the mocha flavor I use Nestle Coffee-mate, café mocha, about 1 teaspoon. You can find this in the dairy aisle. You can also use chocolate syrup. Stir!
  5. Pour the milk in your coffee cup make sure to get all the foam!
  6. Sprinkle some chocolate sprinkles on top and now your all set!



2 thoughts on “Future Home Projects

  1. I like your style. I really enjoyed the pics of your other home as well. I have lived in 3 single wides and 1 dbl. I live in an old 70s brick rancher now. I miss my doublewide. Some people think I’m nuts, but I wouldn’t mind having another one… Seems like my mobile homes were easier to clean! Do you plan to take down the strips on the walls and putty them? That is what I wanted to do to mine til my hubby decided to sell it. Anyhow we moved a lot. I guess we will stay put now. I just hate having a mortgage now that we retired. Oh well. I look forward to your posts.


    • Thank you so much for your comment Lisa! To answer your question, the walls, we do not plan to putty the strip areas. I do plan to put up some wainscoting in a small area in the kitchen and possibly put up trim to cover up the strips, which is another form of wainscoting. Will have to see so check back and Happy Retirement!


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