Mini Home Theater

Happy New Year!!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! Dale and I have definitely enjoyed the last couple of months spending TIME with friends and family! Time is a gift. We enjoyed Thanksgiving with Dale’s family. The gingerbread party held here was so much fun! Christmas was spent with my family and to end the year, we had an awesome bonfire party!

At the Phillips Place 2017 was dedicated to focusing on major outdoor projects. We have a little left to do but feel the need to take a break.

When we were renovating the Bonnell the two rooms we did not complete, due to the flood, was the media/living room and the master bedroom. When we purchased the Anniversary, we knew we would use the living room for a dining room and the third bed room would be our media/living room.

Dale has been researching on how to build a home theater for over a year now and I am happy to announce we have started our first inside home project! The media room! Something you don’t know about us. Dale and I don’t watch much television, like hardly none! We do watch movies and love listening to music. So don’t laugh when you see the little TV in the pictures. Ha-ha! We had a larger TV but it quit working and we did not want to purchase another until the media room is ready. Dale has always been into sound. He knows about good quality speakers. Even though we do not have a big TV, we do have big sound (surround sound).

Mini Media Room

The picture below is the third bedroom which is our media room. The size of the room is 9′ 5″ x 15′ 1″. I feel like it’s our secret room. I have never shown a picture of this room before on my blog. I love to hang out here and listen to music and at times sit and relax and go through my magazines. Can you see the paint samples? Take a good look! It will not look like this for long. We plan to completely transform this room into a home theater on a budget!



 Picture taken Oct 2016. Setting up the room.

20161008_184612_1475970478476 (2)



Dale applied MDF on the TV wall for easier installation. The MDF will help in creating channels for hiding wires, making floating shelves and to mount the future television.


20180106_104954 (2)







Step one complete.


I will end this blog with a picture of Dale watching motorcycle racing.

20161218_135012 (2)

Thank you for stopping by!


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