Christmas Home Tour Part 2

Today I am showing my winter décor of the guest bedroom and our master bedroom.

Let’s start with the guest bedroom. In this room I put a colorful afghan on top of the bed to bring it some colorful cheer.

DSC_1567 (2)

On the bed side table I put some dried sea oat grass in a white vase and added two clear Christmas trees filled with fake snow inside.

Screenshot_20171221-151632 (2)

I really love the dried sea oat grass, you will see more about this ornamental grass on my next tour and how I used it for a Christmas table runner.

Screenshot_20171221-153349 (2)

My favorite item in this room is this wall shelf Dale rescued from the trash. I love decorating it and changing the décor through out the seasons. Most of the Christmas knick knacks I’ve had for years.

DSC_1549 (2)


DSC_1557 (2)

My mother made this cute gift bag years ago and I usually place it on a door knob, this year hanging it on the door hook.


We purchased this cute little round table at an antique store and knew it would go perfectly in this small corner in the room. At the moment showing off this gingerbread house.

DSC_1563 (3)

Tiny small Christmas village.

DSC_1553 (2)

This is the master bedroom and this is the first thing you see when you walk into our room. Our vintage dresser.

DSC_1138 (2)

My colors are gray and white for the bedding. The yellow side dresser we found at a shop in Brenham, TX. In front of the mirror I hung a wreath from Avon. I kept it simple, put the noel sign and a clear Christmas tree filled with snow on the dresser. Inserted some mini white roses in a sugar dish.

DSC_1372 (2)



Little snowflake pillow on the bed.



Screenshot_20171220-135315 (2)


DSC_1376 (2)


Screenshot_20171220-161416 (2)

I found this little Christmas tree at an antique shop! Perfect size! I decorated it with white, silver ornaments and some little mini snowman ornaments. Hanging on the wall is a vintage window. I have collected over the years a small collection of vintage windows.

DSC_1142 (2)

Christmas Vignette

DSC_1039 (2)

These mini black glitter Christmas trees add a nice touch.

DSC_1136 (2)


DSC_1088 (2)


DSC_1052 (2)

Tree Topper was a gift tag given to me by a friend along with a little note written on the back of the tag. I’ve saved it for years and now serving as a tree topper!

DSC_1105 (3)

Miniature snowmen ornaments I found at a thrift store.

DSC_1092 (2)

DSC_1090 (3)

The oil lamp was given to Dale by his grandmother. I tied a pretty ribbon around it for Christmas.

DSC_1082 (2)

In the late evening the room looks so beautiful with all the soft lights.

DSC_1130 (2)

You can see our wedding picture in the back ground.

DSC_1126 (2)

Evening shot.

DSC_1528 (2)

I hope you enjoyed my winter home tour. Stay tuned for my next and last Christmas tour coming soon.

“Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace good will toward men.” Luke 2:14




2 thoughts on “Christmas Home Tour Part 2

  1. I you’re very create. every thing looks  beautiful like winter wander land. Beautiful job. 

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