Front Stain Porch

Fall is the perfect time to paint or stain here in Texas! Even though it is a little warm, it’s not so HOT! Ha-ha! Happy to announce we finally had our front porch stained! Best part is we hired someone to do the job! Yay!

Dale and I like doing our own projects, but at the time, we had too many things on the burner and the porch was getting to the point were it desperately needed some attention. The hot summers can wear on decking.

I called Mark McKinney the painter and he was happy to do the job! Dale and Mark were both thinking that I would just pick a stain color and have the whole thing done easy breezy. (SMILE) In my mind’s eye I had a look I wanted. I originally wanted to paint the decking and lattice, but Dale said, “No paint.” His reasoning, “paint doesn’t last, paint peels and stain is easier to re-stain.” Mark brought me Sherwin Williams stain samples and to my surprise, they have wonderful stain colors! I choose a semi-transparent stain “White Birch,” for the railings and the lattice. For the deck and the stairs I choose a solid stain “Driftwood.”

The front porch looks absolutely perfect! It is exactly the way I pictured it in my mind! Happy to say that Dale was pretty impressed too! The porch reminds me of the beach. I wanted it to look light and airy and the stain compliments the house. I cannot wait to give it some curb appeal, but for now the stain needs to cure.


20170722_151843 (2)


20171105_172028 (2)


20171105_172011 (2)

20171118_150253 (2)


20171105_172037 (3)

Sherwin Williams Solid Stain “Driftwood”

20171105_172149 (2)


20171105_171938 (2)

Sherwin Williams Semi Transparent “White Birch”

20171105_171932 (3)


20171118_150559 (2)

For now I put up a Fall Wreath, letting the stain cure.

20171118_150147 (2)

Pretty Fall Day at the Phillips Place

20171118_150559 (2)

Till next time, have a wonderful weekend!








6 thoughts on “Front Stain Porch

  1. Love the colors of stain you’ve chosen to stain your deck
    that accents your home. The photo you’ve taken where the posts cast a shadow across the porch and creates a checkered board is, “ART.” Enjoy !


  2. Learning the “ins and outs” of your new set up….will take time to maneuver around, but believe me, worth learning! What thought you’ve given to keep your blog viable and interesting. Keep us posted as we look forward to your high level of creativity!


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