Master Bath

The master bath was one of the decision makers for us! I love the double sinks and separate shower and tub this model had to offer. I also like the wall color, it’s like a brownish gray and I will not paint anytime soon, but I do have an idea about replacing the strips and trim later. The updates we have done so far, installed towel racks, toilet paper holder and Dale added some shelves inside the vanity for more storage. He also added some electrical strips, one inside the vanity to plug in our toothbrushes and another strip on the side of the vanity to easily plug my hairdryer.

As far as the décor I like to use plenty of towels and have displayed a couple of pieces of my milk glass collection and some blue pieces. My favorite décor piece is the vintage window displayed on the tub wall. I found this at Goodwill for $8.00! The wreath I purchased at an antique shop for under $20.00. I love the natural look of the twigs. The towel rack wall I found the “LOVE” sign at Wal-Mart for under $5.00! I put a nice collage picture frame next to the towel rack under the love sign and inserted pictures from our fourth wedding anniversary. It’s okay to put up candid pictures in your bathroom. I don’t worry about the humidity ruining them, these days you can always order more pictures very inexpensively. Every time I see our pictures they make me smile.

I do have plans to better costume this master bath and will keep you up to date!  Enough said! Enjoy the pictures!


20160711_170616 (2)


20171021_131810 (2)


20160711_170521 (2)


20171021_153534 (2)

Shelves added inside vanity for more storage.

Electrical strip added to the side of vanity which makes it easier to plug in blow-dryer, etc.

20171021_141218 (2)

Electrical strip installed inside vanity for toothbrushes, leaves counter tops clear.

20171021_143653 (2)

Towel rack and toilet paper holder purchased at Wal-Mart.

Wall hook we use for our hand towels.

20171021_152931 (2)


20171021_132459 (2)


20171021_141914 (2)


20171021_142359 (2)


20171021_142110 (2)


20171021_141004 (2)


20171021_141353 (2)


20171021_153214 (2)


20171021_141309 (2)

Our Tub Spa

20171021_140642 (2)


20171021_140418 (2)


20171021_140406 (3)


20171021_142731 (2)


20171021_153421 (4)


20171021_153625 (2)

I kept the décor pretty simple and it’s amazing how filling baskets with some hand towels makes it cozy. I like the dark bronze towel rack and paper holder and the dark picture frames, they stand out against the brownish gray wall. I wanted to add a colorful rug and choose the royal blue pattern which adds some much needed color.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful week, till next time!

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