Cup Hooks

Today I am sharing with you our small home project. We actually have a few little home projects going on at the moment. Dale is working on installing a dimmer switch in the small bathroom and we are in the process of hanging a vintage light that we found a few years ago. But today it’s about cup hooks! Ha-ha!

One of the many things I like about our home is the kitchen cabinetry! We definitely have plenty of storage space. Adding cup hooks to the inside of our cabinets would make it easier for me to reach for my coffee cups and leave more room for dishware. This project was fairly easy and a quick one too! Sometimes the smallest things, makes life easier. Adding the cup hooks made a big difference!

Kitchen Cabinetry

20171022_132829 (2)

Cup hooks found at Wal-Mart


We decided to install the hooks below the shelf above. Dale used a small drill bit to make it easier to screw in the hooks. The hooks were placed 6 inches apart.


20171015_120202 (2)

Finish Cup Hooks

Better Homes & Garden, Red White & Blue Pattern, Wal-Mart Finds

Much more organize installing the cup hooks. We extended the hooks all the way to the end. To accommodate my white dish set too.

20171019_102819 (2)

Threshold White Dish Set, Target Finds

20171022_132143 (2)

Clayton Homes the “Anniversary”

20171022_133147 (2)

Thank you for stopping by the Phillips Place! Happy Fall Y’all!

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