Small Bathroom

Hello my friends! Today I wanted to show you our small bathroom. The bathroom originally came with a basic light fixture, nothing fancy but an easy fix! Changing a light fixture can really give a room a more custom look. We kept the light fixture that was in the Bonnell in my dressing room and replaced it. It was such a beautiful piece, we knew we could install in our new home. So happy we kept it! We then installed two new towel racks, one for the shower and the vanity and a new toilet paper roll.

Forgive me for some of the pictures that came out dark. It was hard to get good shots with no natural light.


20160711_170736 (2)

It’s amazing how just adding the shower curtain, towels and carpet gives it some life.

20170706_100439 (2)

The anniversary did not come with a towel rack. I’m okay with that, I would prefer to add my own and place it where I want it.

New chrome towel rack to match the light fixture.

  20170706_102731 (2)

Original light fixture.

20160711_170949 (2)

New Light Fixture



20160711_170740 (2)

I added my Egret painting for some color.

20170706_102859 (2)

20170706_103027 (2)


20160711_170946 (2)


Chrome toilet paper holder.

20170706_102211 (2)


20170706_114758 (2)

This double picture frame hangs in the small bathroom. I had the frame and found these cute pictures of tulips in the Magnolia Journal. I inserted them in the frame and thought they made a nice décor piece.

20170312_173438 (2)




20170706_101241 (2)

Now think of all the possibilities for this small bathroom. New vanity, mirror, trim and some paint! Wow! Ha-ha! Someday!

Flood update. People here are still in the beginning stages of recovering. Many homes flooded in our neighborhood. We are waiting for the county to pick up the trash/debris. Last we heard from our commissioner is no definite date at this time.  Please pray for Texas and Florida.


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