The Anniversary Survived

Hello my friends and thank you for all your concerns. Dale and I are doing good. So much has happen since my last post. The good news is our home did not flood. When I posted my last blog about my flower arrangements, I knew Harvey was coming and did not want to think how it would affect us! I was in denial!

Last summer after our home flooded we spent most of our time and money preparing for the foundation for our new home. Cutting down shrubs and trees. In edition we did everything by the book, inspections upon inspections, building permit and hauling dirt. Most importantly installing a concrete foundation.

Clayton homes installers made sure to raise our home as high as they could possibly go, which was 2 1/2 feet higher then our last home. Now all this would be put to the test! Unbelievable!

When I first heard about the tropical storm on Tuesday August 22, I decided that day to stock up on water, can goods and non perishables. While at the store I notice plenty of water and no one at the time seemed to be concerned. I think by Wednesday it sunk in that Harvey could be serious. For a while we did not know where Harvey was going to land. ?? The news forecast that Harvey would bring 20 to 30 inches of rain! Dale knew we needed to be concerned about the River.

To be prepared we both packed our bags, incase we had to evacuate. Sunday August 27, 5:30 in the morning we received a phone call from a neighbor that our creek was filling up with water, which is the day we evacuated. Before we left our home Dale moved both of our lawn mowers up onto the back deck. We turned our main power off and emptied our refrigerator. Earlier, Dale made a high shelf in his workshop to put all his tools up.

Dale made sure when we had the deck installed the ramp was wide enough to drive the riding lawnmower up the deck.

20170825_082856 (2)

All I can say is the rain that was pouring down was constant for days. We stayed with some friends and we were all glued to the news. Seeing many having to evacuate their homes. So many hero’s coming out! People helping people. By the time it was over according to our friends rain gauge, we received 32 inches of rain.

Between Sunday and Monday the Brazos River went over it’s banks and flooded our neighborhood. The river rose 36 feet. Five feet of water surrounded our home. We did not know if our home had flooded at the time until my husband received a picture from one of our neighbors, he was able to go into the subdivision with his Jet Ski and he took pictures of everyone’s homes.

We received this picture from a friend who was able to go in with his jet ski. He took pictures of all the homes in our neighborhood.

Screenshot_20170829-145708 (2)

We returned home on Saturday, Sept. 2nd. Most of our neighbor’s homes flooded. It made me sick to see this again. When we finally made it home we immediately notice the water line, we knew our home did not flood. At first we were concerned that maybe the underbelly might have gotten wet, but with further inspection it did not. Summer before we did everything we could to try to prevent from flooding again and raising our home paid off.

Picture taken before the storm.


I am so thankful that I was able to enjoy my garden for the most part of the summer.

Elizabeth’s garden after the flood.

Our week has been busy. We’ve been treating our well water, cleaning my garden shed and pressure washing everything we can little at a time. As much as I hate cleaning river mud off of everything! We got this! So grateful our home did not flood.

Some of our family members did not escape this. My brother who lives near the Brazos River, his home flooded, my uncle’s home flooded. Friend’s and co worker’s homes have flooded. So many affected by Hurricane Harvey! Please continue to pray for Texas.

Pray for Texas

IMG_20170905_135151_419 (2)

So thankful for the Red Cross, they have been here daily handing out water and a hot meal.

I personally thanked them and told them I don’t want this to be a yearly thing!

Ha-ha! You just gotta laugh once in a while!

20170904_140632_001 (2)

May 28, 2016 Flood


Our hearts go out to the islands that have been hit by Hurricane Irma and we are praying for Florida.


5 thoughts on “The Anniversary Survived

  1. Was worried about you. Glad to read that you are safe and that your home is dry. My thoughts are with your family and friends and neighbors whose homes experienced flooding damage.


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