Flower Arrangements

Hello everyone! I hope your ready to see lots of pictures! I wanted to post something fun to show you, I’m not all work and no play! Ha-ha! I LOVE FLOWERS! Who doesn’t! I was going through my picture gallery and realized! Wow! I have made lots of flower arrangements since we moved into our new home! I love both real, dried and faux flowers. Flowers to me can become a focal point, they can brighten up a room and set a mood your trying to create. So enjoy!

Winter Carnations

Dale found these pine branches and ask if I wanted them? I said yes! No cost and from nature.


Carnations are the most inexpensive flowers you can purchase.


Natural Pine Branches


February Valentine’s Day Carnations


Better Homes and Garden Faux Flowers

Flowers from our wedding for table arrangements. Kitchen Island.


Same faux flowers, which adds a nice touch to our vintage dresser and the picture on the wall.


Easter Flower Arrangement


Same Easter arrangement, changed the décor pieces.


Easter Arrangement


Coffee Bar

Cotton Stems


Faux Tulips

Easter Spring Table Arrangements


Faux Blue Hydrangeas

Found these flowers at a thrift store.


April Flower Arrangement


Mother’s Day Flowers

IMG_20170429_175743_351 (2)

From my dresser to the kitchen island. I tend to move my flower arrangements around.

Evening shot of our home.

IMG_20170429_192104_720 (2)



Dried Pepper Stems

I love these delicate dried pepper stems, displayed in the guest bedroom shelf.


More dried pepper stems in a small crock.

IMG_20170623_180903_564 (2)

Summer Flowers

I purposely planted Zinnias in my garden for cut flowers.


Fourth of July Flower Arrangement


Crepe Myrtles

The greenery you see is from a small tree we trimmed. I just could not throw away, so in they went with the crepe myrtles.


Shelf in the guest bedroom. The cake topper you see was a gift from our wedding. It represents summer weddings. The jewelry box was mine when I was a child. Thank you mom so much for holding on to this! The mini lantern belongs to Dale’s grandmother. The vintage recipe box was given to me from my mother. I remember looking inside this box when I was young at the recipes. I was really being nosy!

IMG_20170627_172710_472 (2)

Tiny Flowers

This vase is one of my smallest 3 1/2 inches. Good for my tiny zinnias.


Flowers and herbs from my garden.


I always have some kind of flower arrangements displayed somewhere in my home. Cotton stems are now displayed on my gallery wall.

IMG_20170813_114843_663 (2)

One morning while in my garden I thought to myself, I am going to collect the pink zinnias today! I then displayed them in my tea pot.

IMG_20170810_104412_908 (2)

I hope you had fun looking through the pictures of my flower arrangements. I don’t fret to much when making the arrangements. I put the flowers in a vase and move them around a bit and let them be. Sometimes I put a book or a décor piece near, to compliment the arrangement. I believe in keeping it simple.

“Just living is not enough….one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” – Hans Christian Anderson

Thank you so much for stopping by, till next time!






13 thoughts on “Flower Arrangements

  1. Elizabeth, my favorite was the Blue Wedgewood vase with pink Zinnias against the Flowercraft book, didn’t know when the flowers ended and the flower photo on the book began, you do have a talent with arrangements and colors. You bring together several elements and make them work as ONE. Love your island, did Dale make for you? If so, I will order one shipped to my home, is beautiful and is located at perfect spot.


    • Hello Grace! Dale did not make the island, he purchased the island for me for our 5th anniversary. No doubt he could make one like it though! Lol! Thank you so much for your compliments! I also like the pink zinnias with the blue vase.


  2. Elizabeth this is the first time I have replied to your posts. I have enjoyed all of them dating back to your older home and now your new home. You and Dale are so creative and inspiring. Thank you. Today I am writing to find out how you are during Hurricane Harvey and the aftermath. I hope that your area has escaped the flooding & devastation. Please know that many people are sending help and many are praying for everyone affected in this devastating situation. At some point, when you can please let us know how you are. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all those affected. God Bless. Carol S. in Georgia

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Hi Elizabeth! I’ve been worried about you and Dale. Were you affected by the hurricane? Kept watching for another blog post, but the longer I waited, the more worried I became. Will continue to pray for your safety and the safety of all your neighbors in Texas.


  4. Did not see or receive a reply from you on Judy’s question of your safety after Harvey, so how are you and Dale? Any damages to home, vechiles, shed, garden, flowers and either of you? Just concerned…..prayers are being said for you!


      • So happy you’ve made contact with everyone as all were concerned! So thankful your home withstood the flooding, building as high as you could was “Key” in all being safe and dry. Will continue to pray for all neighbors, family and friends. Was your Red Cross pictures from last year’s flooding and Harvey’s flooding? Keep us posted of your recovery….God is good!


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