Front Yard

Wow! I can’t believe August is already here! We’ve had some fun times this summer and I hope yours has been fun as well. It’s been really HOT here in Texas and I’m kind of looking forward to some fall weather, so we can hang out on the porch.

Today I am blogging about our front yard. The yard was in pretty bad shape, due to moving our old mobile home out and moving the new home in; plus work vehicles driving through the yard, which made a few ruts. Top of all that! The yard had a lot of weeds and dead spots. Good news! Our Crepe Myrtle’s are having an abundance of blooms this year, like never before.

Dale fix the ruts in the yard by filling them with topsoil. He also added more soil near the sidewalk, driveway and low spots in the yard to level and smooth out. In addition, Dale added crushed concrete to the entry of the driveway to level it out with the cemented driveway.

Another step we did was apply weed and feed to the yard.

Now for the fun part! Yes, there is always the fun part! Ha-ha! It’s the prepping that’s not fun! But must be done! Sod was next! Dale and I put sod down along the front of the house, sidewalk and driveway. We even placed some sod in front of my red fence. The front yard looks absolutely beautiful!

It’s take-in some time to get the yard to look like this. We started in the Spring and did what we could, little by little, to prep and prepare, now it’s done! Yay!

Moving the Bonnell, last summer.


Our new home.

Fall 2016.


 Dale put plastic down to prevent the dirt from run off, during the Fall and Winter months.


Early Spring

20170528_154551 (2)

Topsoil has already been applied along the sidewalk.


Topsoil applied along the driveway.

20170603_113637 (2)

Getting ready to put down sod.

20170608_163619 (2)


Must water for at least 14 days after planting sod.

Crushed concrete installed to the entry of driveway.

20170722_075549 (2)

Grass planted along the front sidewalk.

Grass planted along the driveway.

20170722_075641 (3)

Grass planted in front of the red fence.

20170805_171833 (2)

Front yard.

20170805_171752 (2)

Side view.

20170730_184905 (2)


20170805_171907 (2)

View from the left side of property and so happy we are done with the front yard.

20170805_182727 (3)

We just recently celebrated our 6th Anniversary and we always make a point to take a portrait every anniversary.

Posing in front of our Texas patio.

DSC_0992 (5)

Thank you so much for stopping by the Phillips Place.



8 thoughts on “Front Yard

  1. Happy Sixth Anniversary! The two of you must “love to work and love to love!” Hard work has a final pay off, jobs well done!
    I’m impressed with what the two of you have accomplished in such a short time. Just last summer your old house/home was moved out to be replaced by a new house/home and here one year later, “Phillips Place” is thriving/living again with new roots not only in the sod, but hearth, home and heart.
    Congratulations to you both for what Texans do best, show the rest of us how to work, live, and love!


  2. Your blog has been an inspiration to get my yard and landscaping in shape. Although we live in a different climate (New England is different in lots of ways!), the concepts still apply. I came across your blog when we were looking for ideas for an inexpensive gate for our rolled wire fence project and your garden project came up. What a simple, elegant, brilliant design! I painted ours and from a distance you can’t tell it’s PVC! Thanks for sharing your adventures.


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