Front Porch

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying your summer! Dale and I are having a much better summer this year! Last summer we were recovering from the flood. Not fun at all.

 Summer 2016. Through it all we kept our spirits up.


Well let me tell you about our front porch! Early spring we were ready to give the front porch a finish look by adding lattice to the bottom. But before we could do that Dale needed to address the dirt that was washing out from underneath the porch. He installed 2 x 10’s around the bottom to hold the gravel. Dale used a type of gravel call washout; it is some kind of crushed concrete and fairly inexpensive. He put about a yard of gravel within the border he made and compacted as much as possible. Now for the fun stuff! We choose the smallest square lattice we could find, which I think looks elegant. Once Dale finish applying the lattice, he covered the rough edges using 1 x 4’s. At that point the porch was looking much better, but we noticed when walking up the stairs you could see between the steps and it kind of looked dark and scary underneath. Ha-ha! I believe because our steps are high, it’s very noticeable. To solve the issue Dale installed 2 x 8’s between the steps. No more dark and scary! The benefit to adding the 2 x 8’s gave the steps more support and should keep critters out from underneath the porch. Wow! The porch looks wonderful!

Before Picture

20170122_142014 (3)

2 x 10 Frame



Hauling the gravel.

20170326_173152 (2)

Washout gravel.


Preparing frame for under the steps.

Frame complete.


Gravel complete.

Dale uses his utility trailer to carry his tools and supplies for his convenience. The trailer is easily moved with the garden tractor to the location where he is working. Can you see his miter saw?

Getting ready to install the lattice.


Lattice installed.

20170722_151807 (2)

Front steps completed.

20170722_151817 (3)

Right side view from the street.

20170722_151843 (2)

Steps 2 x 8’s installed.

20170722_151827 (4)


20170722_151928 (2)


20170722_151939 (2)

The man of the hour, Mr. Dale Phillips! My husband does wonderful work, as you can see the porch looks awesome!


20170722_180709 (2)

Future Plans For The Porch

Paint, stain and add lights to the steps. All in due time. 🙂

Summer Vacation 2017

Bald River Falls in Tennessee

20170717_122937 (2)

Cherohala Skyway


Biltmore Estate

20170718_105641 (2)

Biltmore Estate rose garden.

Taking the time to smell the roses.

20170718_143041 (2)

Enjoying the shade.

20170718_141323 (3)

Sunflower Field in Stecoah, NC


We both wish you a happy sunny summer!

The Phillips


12 thoughts on “Front Porch

  1. Hi Elizabeth and Dale, I really enjoying watching all the work you do to your manufactured home. Everything looks so beautiful! I love what Dale did to the porch, it looks beautiful! I also enjoyed your holiday pictures, the scenery is lovely. For those of us that are not going anywhere this summer it is so nice to see what you guys saw. So I am having a holiday through you guys, how nice. Take care both of you and I hope you have a wonderful summer too!
    Best wishes to both of you,


  2. Elizabeth and Dale, have been to the Baltimore Estate several years ago was impressed by its beauty then and your pictures now. If I remember correctly, the movie, “The Swan,” starring Grace Kelly, was filmed on location at the Vanderbilt Estate. Hope you enjoyed as the two of you deserved a vacation after all the work you have been doing in and around your new mobile home. The lattice work looks great, love the small openings, so classical and neat. Keep us informed of your next project. Have a fun filled summer!


    • Oh Grace! The Biltmore Estate was so amazing! Has been on my wish list for a while and so happy we finally went. Now I might have to get the movie “The Swan.” Lol! You have a fun fill summer too! 🙂


  3. Howdy from Central Texas!
    You two have done a great job on your home and property. I’m hoping that you’ll both be able to start taking it a little easier now and will have more time to crank up the old barbeque, sit back and relax with a large bowl of chocolate ice cream covered in salted peanuts and topped with a heavy drizzle of chocolate syrup.


    • Ha-ha! Howdy to you too Sandra! Thank you for your compliments! Believe me we are looking forward to taking it easy sometime soon. 😉 Chocolate ice cream sounds really good! Dale read your comment and he said, “Your trying to fatten him up.” Lol! Have a wonderful summer! 🙂


  4. The porch looks great! I too live in a mfg home and have a large screened porch with lattice underpinning. I would like to change out the underpinning, but I can’t find a product like you used. Everything at Lowe’s and Home Depot looks cheap and flimsy or it’s plastic . Where did you find this pretty lattice? BTW, I love your blog and look forward to all your posts!


    • Hello Judy, We purchased the lattice at Loews. It’s made of wood. We did have problems cutting the lattice to size, the ends would sometimes come apart. To fix that we just put it together carefully and re staple the ends to give it strength. I wish I would of taken more pictures of this process. I was busy helping Dale and didn’t take the time to take more pictures. We do plan to do the same with our back porch hopefully I can show more about how we install the lattice. Thank you so much for your comment! So happy you are enjoying my blog! 🙂


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