Queen E’s Garden

Last December on a warm day, I took advantage and cleaned up the garden area. I pressure wash the garden shed and the raised beds, finally getting the last of the dirt left from the flood. I also cleaned all my potting pots, tilled the raised beds and filled the beds with compost.


IMG_20170110_180449_573 garden

Early Spring

20170507_174641 (2)

This is actually my second year gardening, so definitely a novice. I have three 4 x 8’s raised beds and kept it simple by planting what we like in salads. Cucumbers and tomatoes! Dale added a trellis for the cucumber vines using PVC pipe, which has been a nice addition to the garden. I use pots for my tomato plants and herbs. Sweet mint for ice tea! Basil for pizza! Yum! I planted green beans for the first time and also planted some dill from seed, experimenting!

Before Trellis

20170506_111621 (2)


PVC Pipe Trellis

20170603_191411 (2)

Pickling Cucumbers


20170618_134539 (3)

Cherry Tomatoes Early Spring




Fresh From The Garden

20170608_080648 (2)


This year I devoted one of the raised beds for flowers. I planted from seed, Zinnia’s and they are starting to fill the garden with beautiful colors! I love plants and flowers and have placed them in potted pots all around the area.

Flower Bed

20170603_191437 (2)


20170618_133436 (2)



20170608_080108 (3)

Cut Flowers From The Garden

Zinnia’s & Basil

20170618_141755 (2)

I am enjoying my garden very much! We have had enough cucumbers for salads and extra to give to our neighbors. I planted two types of cherry tomatoes and they are delicious! Next year I would like to try to add more vegetables to the garden but for now keeping it small.


20170531_181750 (2)

Basil & Marigolds

20170618_133419 (2)

Fresh Basil



20170328_174446 (2)

Porch Plants

20170402_185522 (2)

My garden shed I like to decorate along with the seasons. For spring I hung up a painted floral picture, added some spring flowers to the window box and a wreath for the door. Dale and I agree that the garden area is our special feature here at the Phillips Place. The last family gathering here, everyone loved the garden shed! It gave me a big smile seeing them pose in front of the shed for their pictures.


Garden Shed

20170507_183442 (2)

Spring Wreath



IMG_20170515_120309_063 (2)

Queen E’s Garden

20170618_133238 (2)

How I came up with the title “Queen E’s Garden,” one of my neighbors gave me the nick name “Queen E,” he has since moved because of the flood, but when we do talk or see each other, he always addressees me with Queen E!  I dedicate this blog to Mark McKinney, we miss you! We will never forget the good conversations we’ve had on the porch and really miss your cooking!

You will forever and always be our friend, Dale & Elizabeth Phillips



9 thoughts on “Queen E’s Garden

  1. Your friend Mark bestowed upon you a sweet name, “Queen E!” Love your photos…..they are beautifully “staged.” My favorite, the salad in an old Pyrex mixing bowl with wooden tongs and a colorful, cotton tea towel….reminds me of our summer table years ago. “Queen E,” keep your blog filled with “down home happenings” and awesome photos of “everyday living!”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Grace for your compliments! I do love my old Pyrex bowl too, and believe or not I use it pretty much daily. It’s the perfect size for our salads. I will try my best to report about our “down home happenings” Take care Grace 🙂


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    • Hello Stacey! This year my husband installed a water system for my garden, which has been so much easier in keeping the garden watered. Before I spend about a couple of hours watering in a small garden. Talking about being HOT! lol! I am pretty new at gardening and I keep it simple planting a few things. Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! 😉


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