Laundry Room

Updating our laundry room was on top of the list of things to do! Dale and I really like the size of the room and it was one of the features that help in making the decision to purchase the “Anniversary.” Since the room has some good space we wanted to take advantage by adding more shelves for storage.

Laundry room, came with 12 inch wire shelf.


20160711_170347 (2)

Dale made a wood shelf using 3/4 plywood to make a 14 inch shelf. He installed the shelf below the existing shelf, which made it easier for me to reach for items. Dale says, “For short people.” Ha-ha! He is such a teaser!

Preparing for the wood shelf.

Wood shelf installed.



20170211_163931 (2)

Do you remember when we updated our master bedroom closet? The closet had a wire clothes rack and we were able to reuse and install it on the far wall in the laundry room. I love it when we can recycle something and it just happen to be the perfect size!

Preparing for the next shelf for the far wall.

20170211_165202 (2)


Shelf installed.

20170211_173147 (2)



20170211_174527 (2)

In addition, I was able to put my Ikea book shelf against the opposite wall from the washer and dryer. I’ve had this shelf for many years and was very happy we had a place for it in our new home!

Book shelf

20170401_165105 (4)

To keep things organize, I purchased some wire baskets online from Wal-Mart. I knew I would love these Better Homes and Garden baskets because I’ve ordered them before for my previous laundry room. I love the look! Love the chalkboard tag! Love that you can wash the lining and they hold a lot of stuff!

Wal-Mart Better Homes and Garden Wire Basket.

Screenshot_20170511-163441 (2)

For the cherry on top! I added a bright floral decal to the wall! I think it’s a nice finishing touch, don’t you?

Wall Art, Hobby Lobby.

20170401_162543 (2)

Applied on the far wall.

20170401_162551 (3)

Laundry Room


 Wire Baskets

20170401_165039 (2)


20170401_165203 (2)

Everything in it’s place.

The book shelf offers more storage for the laundry room.

20170509_113553 (2)


20170509_113708 (2)

Organizing has been easier with the extra shelves and baskets.

20170401_173132 (2)

Laundry Room

20170509_113708 (2)

The laundry room has much more storage and feels better organized!

Thank goodness another thing off the check list! Yay! Take care till next time!


3 thoughts on “Laundry Room

  1. Hurray for storage! Y’all have great ideas and I also love to reuse. My laundry room is small so I have had to come up with some strategic solutions. Will blog soon! 😃

    Liked by 1 person

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