AC Placement and Platform

Hello everyone! One of the things I forgot to mention, it’s about the air conditioner! I think this is a really important step to think about when you are setting up your new mobile home. Does anyone ever think about the placement of where the AC will be installed? Not always! We didn’t want the air conditioner too close to the future back porch and we did not want it near or under a bedroom window. Yes! Dale and I can be a little anal sometimes. Ha-ha! We constantly think of all kinds of situations! Okay, can you imagine you’re sipping your ice tea on your back porch, relaxing and suddenly your AC comes on! The noise just ruins it! Same thing goes with the AC being right under a bedroom window when you are trying to fall a sleep.

Usually the manufacturer is going to put your AC closes to where the furnace is. Our furnace is in the hall next to the second bedroom, which would put it pretty close to the bedroom window.

What to do? Notify the manufacturer in advance where you want the placement of your AC. This is very important so that the installer will make sure to bring enough copper tubing and wire. We had the AC placed furthest from the bedroom window towards the back corner of the house.

Air Conditioner Platform


Now about the AC platform. It was required by the county and FEMA that the Air Conditioner be set above the floodplain. Special note! It was required by us too! Believe me, even if it wasn’t mandatory by the County we would’ve set it high anyway! Common sense when you’ve been through a flood. Dale built the AC platform along with the help from his son. They did a wonderful job!


My featured image is the inside of our home before we moved in. After pictures coming soon.

The Anniversary 2016



“To be prepared is half the victory.”- Miguel De Cervantes





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