Anniversary’s Front Porch

It’s been really busy here at the Phillip’s Place, very exciting! Once our home was set up, many things had to happen before we could move in! Chucks! Ha-ha! Electrical, plumbing, AC and porches. The front porch was the first on the list. We had Umberto one of Clayton’s contractors do the construction for us. He did a great job! The porch size is 8 x 12 and what I like about the porch is when you walk out the front door there is enough room for a little sitting area on the left. Also I like that the front stairs aligns with the front door and is facing towards the street.

Constructing the Front Porch.


New Front Porch


 Front Porch Completed


For now keeping the front porch uncovered, later will install a portico.


It took about two weeks for all the other hook ups AC, plumbing, electrical to be complete. Before we knew it! We were doing our walk through with the manager from Clayton Homes. After the walk through we were then given the honor of receiving the keys to the Anniversary! Yay!

The first meal in our new home was one evening before we officially moved in. We heated up a frozen lasagna with milk and sat on the floor and enjoyed. We both couldn’t stop smiling, “We have a house!”,  “We’re home!”

Home Sweet Home

I have never been more excited about unpacking!


Have a blessed week, The Phillips

4 thoughts on “Anniversary’s Front Porch

  1. Congratulations! So happy you are “in”! We have had many setbacks but hoping to be in by the end of the year. Blessings on your new home. Looking forward to the updates as things progress!


  2. Can hardly wait to see how the two of you will renovate, decorate, and add “your touch” to your new place. Will be as beautiful as the first….can see the two of you are in love as ever, so keep your love and spirit alive and growing! Am in awe of you!


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