The Anniversary Has Landed

When I first saw our home on the property I cried happy tears! I felt like for once I could breathe! You see a lot had to happen before we could move in another home .

All summer we worked on clearing and cleaning debris off our lot. We also had to cut down a few shrubs and trees so that we could remove the Bonnell and make room for the Anniversary.

But before we could do anything we had to get with our County’s Planning and Development Department. Yuck! This is the part I dislike the most! Red tape stuff!! First thing, we had to apply for a building permit and in order to get a permit, we had to get an Elevation Survey done before we could remove the old home. The survey tells us and the county where the flood line is and how high we have to go with our new home. Next the county required we have our septic system checked by a Certified Septic Tank Inspector, which all took time. Meanwhile we had to wait for the dumpster to be removed that were placed throughout our neighborhood for everyone’s damaged items.  All this took months and months.

Once the mobile home was removed this is what we did to prepare for the new home. We had 10 truckloads of 12 yards each of select field dirt hauled in, to build up the area where our new home would be placed. We had the dirt spread and compacted to make a site pad and poured a concrete foundation. I think adding a slab keeps everything neat and nice and hopefully will keep our home leveled.

Bonnell Leaving the Lot


Before the pad was prepared.


Hauling in the select field.

Spreading and compacting.



New Foundation

Thursday October 6, 2016 our home was delivered to our lot. Seeing our home for the first time did bring happy tears, all the roller-coaster of emotions came. I felt like I was holding my breath while dealing with Insurance Companies, FEMA, the County and the Bank. Seeing our home was worth all the stuff, I could finally breathe again.

The Anniversary, she is beautiful!



So much more to do! I will keep you updated! Thank you so much for stopping by, till next time!



14 thoughts on “The Anniversary Has Landed

  1. Happy to hear and see your new “Anniversary” arrive and placed on a concrete/strong foundation! Let’s pray for a sweet beginning and a fun time decorating and making your new house a home. God bless you!!


  2. Happy to see the progress! Now the exciting and fun things can begin. Look forward to seeing your choices as you make it yours. Congratulations!


  3. It looks as though your new house is set higher than the old to prevent flooding. I’m glad you are getting back to normal. We had a flood in our garage and a big roof leak thanks to Hurricane Matthew. I can’t imagine a loss at your level. Good luck with your new home!!!


    • So sorry to hear you got some water damage from Hurricane Matthew. I hope you were able to recover quickly. Our home is set higher then before. We actually set up our home 2 feet higher then what was required by FEMA. We are now over 5 feet high. 🙂


  4. So very happy for the both of you, thought of you when I saw this quote
    “Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling into place”
    Looking forward to your post on making the Anniversary your own.


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