Taking Down the American Flag

Taking down the American flag was the last step we did before our home was removed.


It’s been over two months since our home flooded and a lot has happen and a lot hasn’t! This summer we’ve been through some ups and downs along with others. Both Dale and I are staying strong in our faith and continue to pray for everyone affected by flooding. Our hearts go out to Louisiana and Mississippi right now.

Wednesday August 3rd, our mobile home was finally removed from our property. If you’re wondering what took so long, well there are steps you have to take first. The Planning and Development for our county requires an elevation survey be done before removing your home and a site evaluator of our septic be checked to obtain a permit. Money, money! Another issue was finding someone to move our home, it’s been one hurdle after another. I could go on and on but really don’t want to. (Red Tape) stuff that I really dislike! Ha-ha! Laughing but not!  We are keeping our heads up but at times can be trying.

20160721_121132 flag (2)

Taking down the American flag was the very last step we did before our home was removed. It signified we were ready to let our home go. I always display an American flag where I live. I got that habit from my dad. So the next time you see our flag it will be flying in front of our new home!


20160721_121621 flag

Now that are mobile home has been moved we are ready to move forward with our plans!

Stay tuned!



5 comments on “Taking Down the American Flag”

  1. Oh my goodness, Elizabeth. Tears and hugs for you and Dale. Somber moment, I’m sure but the future looks bright with a new home on your horizon. Praying for y’all. ❤️


  2. To me, “Old Glory” has always stood for courage, faith and strength. You and Dale have shown courage dealing with all the issues presented you during this trying time, faith to “let go and let God” handle the situation, and strength in relying on His Word and each other to bring to fruition the blessings He will pour out on the two of you. You will come back, better than ever, doubly blessed! Taking down the US Flag brings closure not defeat….you will raise the US Flag again in victory!
    Keep us posted. God Bless!

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