Master Bedroom Floors

We pretty much play musical rooms around here!


Okay we are throwing everyone for a loop!

When we started replacing our sub-floors five years ago we were in such a time crunch! The floors to our bedroom had a small area that had water damage; the rest of the floors were in fairly good shape, so we decided at the time to replace only the damage area. Overtime we notice the original particle board floors swelling. Dale and I knew eventually we would have to replace the particle board with new plywood. What better time then now!

Strategy comes into play now! We figure before we finish the office it would be a good idea to use the room to put our bed in while working on the floors. Yes we pretty much play musical rooms around here! Ha-ha!

Access way for long furniture.

Thank goodness Dale thought of this!


Our Temporary Room

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This is what we have done so far to our master bedroom. The closet has been demolished. The particle board, baseboards and old air vent were removed. Dale fabricated a new air vent. He cut and installed ledger boards to hold the foam board insulation in place. Caulk has been applied around the foam board to seal. Now it’s ready for the new sub-floor!

Original Closet

 DSC_1207 (2)

Demolishing closet.


After closet was removed.

DSC_1215 (2)

Installing 2 x 6’s to support the new floor.

Close up picture of ledger boards installed to support the foam board insulation.

DSC_1226 (2)

DSC_1229 (2)

Air Vent

Over the years the tape loses it’s adhesion.

DSC_1297 (2).JPG

Fabricating and installing air vent.

DSC_1298 (3)

New Air Vent

Foam board installed and sealed.

Now the floor is ready for the new sub-floor!

DSC_1320 (2)

DSC_1325 (2)

After Dale finish removing the old sub-floors his back was out for a couple of weeks. This is why this stage has been a slow process. We are two people doing the renovations ourselves working weekends when we can. Both of us have come to the conclusion that on some things we need help! (HELP!) We hired Dale’s son who is knowledgeable on construction to help with some of the heavy work and very grateful for his assistants.

Till next time, take care! The Phillips!

“No one is useless in the world who lightens the burdens of another.”-Charles Dickens




Author: Elizabeth Phillips

Life style blogger. Wife to Dale Phillips, Mother to two daughters Irene and Mary and a grandmother of four. Love photography and all forms of art. Love reading books, magazines and the bible. My all time favorite is enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend. Good conversations happen when drinking coffee together! Most of all I love hanging out with my husband, he is the coolest guy I know.

11 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Floors”

  1. Hi Elizabeth! How brilliant to cut an access for the bed! Question: what did Dale use to cut the old flooring even with the wall? Our SawsAll leaves a 3/4″ gap. My email is kathybohan AT yahoo-


      1. Can’t wait to see the “surprise ” flooring reveal! It was great to talk with you and Dale- thanks for the tips! Makes us want to drive up there and work on the Six Little Acres!


  2. When sub floors are down, what will you use to cover, ceramic, hardwood, engineered flooring or carpeting? Just wondering….keep up the great work!


  3. Excellent. what a man! He can make his own heat ducts. In the picture that says “ready for new insulation” the timber at the exterior walls has a green tint to it. Is this some sort of caulk or sealer ?


    1. The green tint you see is paint, we did not like the color and Dale thought he would put it to some good use to seal the edge of the old sub-floor. He did the same thing for the office floors, Dale used some extra white paint we had. Once he puts the new plywood down he will also apply caulk around the edges. Thank you for your question. I wanted to mention this step in my blog but my husband thought it was not important. I know next time to go with my gut! Lol! Yes! I agree! “What a man!” 🙂


  4. Hello everyone…I am writing this message for my good friend Elizabeth. I know everyone knows about the floods in Texas..and unfortunately my friends Elizabeth and Dale have lost their home in this terrible flood. All I am asking is for prayers to help them through this difficult time. It saddens me to no end knowing how much heart and soul went into updating their little house. Thank you…. and God Bless to all the people that have lost so much from these floods.


    1. Donna, our hearts are breaking for them. Please tell Elizabeth the Bohannons in Savannah, Ga. are praying for them. Prayers for provision and for their safety. We are so sad to see this.


  5. What an ordeal you 2 went through! At least our single wide mobile home did not get flooded,
    but after a weekend trip to Rosenberg recently, came home to find our single wide home got
    burglarized. We are well “seniors” so it is devasting! They destroyed our bedroom closet, so
    am needing design advice on making the area useful and feasible. Any advice?


    1. Ann I am so sorry your home was burglarized. So sorry for not responding back right away. I haven’t been on my blog site for a while, been very busy trying to get things going. You might want to check out Crystal has so much info on her website that might be useful. Check it out and I wish you the best.


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