Vegetable Garden

If you could see me when I first see a baby cucumber or baby tomatoes! I am in awe!


When we purchased our property we knew one day we wanted to grow a vegetable garden. Four years later last spring, we were determined to make a place. We found a spot next to the carport and the shed, which gets a good amount of sun. Looks like the previous owners had the same idea, they used tractor tires for raised beds!

DSC_0075 (2)

Future vegetable garden.

DSC_0066 (2)

We removed the tractor tires and replaced them with untreated 2 x 12’s to make three raised beds. Afterwards, Dale put up a fence around the garden. He used T-post for the post and set them 5 feet apart, then used wire to fence the garden. My husband got very creative when it came to making the gate, he used PVC pipe! Very clever. PVC pipe and leftover wire were used to make a small trellis for my cucumber vines. Last but not least gravel was put down inside the garden and outside to make a path to the shed. I think the garden area looks wonderful!

Good sunny area.

 DSC_0086 (2)



Dale mowing the garden area.


Dale slid a inch in a half PVC pipe over a T-post so the gate would hinge, then he put a T-post next to the gate and tied the two together for strength.

IMG_2681 (3)

IMG_2685 (2)


DSC_0233 (2)



IMG_2690 (2)


IMG_2693 (2)

DSC_0312 (2)


DSC_0313 (3)

Truth be told I have never grown a vegetable garden and I was a little nervous. I researched online about compost, organic gardening, fertilizers, and pesticides. Oh my, I made myself even more nervous doing the research! My sweet husband sense my state and encouraged me to go for it!! I then made up my mind to enjoy my new gardening experience and knew I would have to learn by trial and error. I successfully grew tomatoes, cantaloupe, jalapeno peppers, mini yellow peppers and herbs. Not bad for a beginner! Gardening has been an awesome experience for me! If you could see me when I first see a baby cucumber or baby tomatoes. I am in awe of it! I wonder if that is how my grandpa felt.? He was a gardener and I remember his strawberries and tomatoes, they were the best!! Maybe I might have a green thumb like him! Ha-ha!


20150705_115917~2~2_resized (2)

20150621_160451_resized (2)

20150705_115513~2_resized (2)

 Big Eight Cucumbers


20150705_115535_resized (2)

 My beautiful garden.

20150820_155816_resized (3)

Special thanks to my husband. Dale literally did all the work getting the garden ready! I am usually working along side of him but I was suffering from shingles and was unable to help him. He is my superman! Love you so very much Mr. Dale Phillips! You deserves all the credit for this one!

“I grow plants for many reasons: to please my eye or to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty or nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow.” – David Hobson

Have a great day!

4 comments on “Vegetable Garden”

  1. What a honest and happy relationship the two of you share, it’s awesome! I enjoy reading/viewing the “home project” you all have under taken….it’s rewarding to see the finish results. Keep up the interesting “blog” as making me want to buy a manufactured home, too!


  2. I couldn’t have said it better my self (Grace Thompson) I completely agree with you. There is something very peaceful and inviting about your blog. It’s as though you’re getting in touch/keeping in touch with an old friend. I hope you’re feeling better Elizabeth. I look forward to your next blog.


    1. Thank you Megan! Yes I am better, so happy your enjoying my blog! Peaceful is how I feel when I’m home, even though it can be chaotic at times here with the renovations we always make sure to take breaks and not to let the work overwhelm us. Keep checking back! Much more in store!


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