Closet/Office Update

We have much more work to do, it’s all the little details that take time.


Dale’s Closet

The closet walls are up! Yay! Primed, painted shelf and clothes rods are installed!

The closet in our bedroom came with a single rod and a regular door, which made it hard to see into the corners of the closet. My husband makes me laugh because whenever he gets ready for the day he seems to wear the same shirts and pants. Ha-ha! I realize he grabs whatever he sees in front of him, the clothes at the end get ignored. Dale’s new closet will be more functional. The new closet has upper and lower clothes rods for more hanging and we plan to install a bi-fold door for a better view. Dale’s new closet is access from the hall now, instead of the bedroom.

You might be wondering why not fix the closet in the bedroom.? The closet is located at the end of the room opposite the entry. The plan is to take that closet out so that we can move our bed at the end of the room away from the entry door. Moving our bed there will give us more space for two night stands. (more storage)

Cutting out the wall for new closet.

Closet Frame


DSC_1112 (2)

Closet walls.

Primed and painted.

DSC_1132 (2)

Closet rods installed.

DSC_1176 (2)

Dale’s closet.

DSC_1181 (2)


I am excited to tell you the office walls have also been primed and painted! I am leaving one wall unpainted, I plan to paint later with an accent color. We even installed the plank walls and they look great! We still have much more work to do, it’s all the little details that take time. I am feeling good about our progress and will update you as we move along with our home renovations.

Original look.

Demolishing the closet.

Old floors.


Preparing for the subfloor.


Foam board insulation.

DSC_1451 (2)

New subfloor.

DSC_1458 (2)

New window and foam board.


Installing insulation and walls.

DSC_1068 (2)

Priming the ceiling.

DSC_1131 (2)

Priming the walls. Dale smiling for you.

Putting up the plank wall. Dale nailed and I cut the planks to size.

Marked studs.

DSC_1163 (3)

Painted the ceiling and walls with Wal-Mart Glidden High Endurance Grab-N-Go Semi Gloss White.

DSC_1171 (2)

We used 3/8 BC Plywood for the plank walls.

DSC_1167 (2)

“If you want to improve your life immediately clean out a closet. Often it’s what we hold onto that holds us back.”-Cheryl Richardson

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Author: Elizabeth Phillips

Life style blogger. Wife to Dale Phillips, Mother to two daughters Irene and Mary and a grandmother of four. Love photography and all forms of art. Love reading books, magazines and the bible. My all time favorite is enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend. Good conversations happen when drinking coffee together! Most of all I love hanging out with my husband, he is the coolest guy I know.

3 thoughts on “Closet/Office Update”

    1. Kathy something I wish we would of done was insulate the floors when we had the floor up. We insulated the floor to our future office and right away we can feel a difference. Something you might want to think about. We plan to insulate our bedroom will blog about that soon. 🙂


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