Texas Flooding

By the time it was all over we received 12 to 14 inches of rain within eleven hours.


Sunday evening Dale and I went to bed around 9:00 o’clock and that is about the time it started to rain. I didn’t sleep well that night because we were getting a lot of thunder, lightning and heavy rain! Usually rain sooths me but this rain was a constant hard rain that was not letting up. When my alarm went off I was already awake and it was still raining hard. The first thing I tried to do was turn on the television to see what was happening and wondering if work would be canceled. Our satellite was down so no TV and my phone booster was also down. I was able to text a co worker who notified me that work was canceled. Thank goodness, little did I know our creek was not passable. Where we live we have no street lights, so it’s very dark and we could not see the high water until lightning would light the sky, we then could see the water in the yard.

When sunrise finally came we could see our place. We have never seen this much water!

Picture of our backyard.


Front Yard


Homes across the street.

Water running across the road, our side of the ditch overflowing.


We live near the Brazos river and our home is between the river and a creek. The creek divides the neighborhood we live in. When it rains our ditches fill up and runs into the creek, which flows to the Brazos River. As soon as we could, we went to scope out our surroundings and found that the river was high and the creek was impassable. Some of our neighbors nearest the creek had more water then we did. Once our satellite was up we could then find out what was going on around us. Roads and highways were flooding everywhere! We then got into survival mode! We started filling up containers and pitchers with water. We checked our batteries and food. Even though we were caught off guard we had enough supplies to last us for a few days. We let family know we were okay and staying put.

Brazos River. Behind our community pool, which is at the end of our neighborhood.




The front of the pool area. Water filling the road.


Creek is impassable.



As the day went on my family started reporting to us by text what the conditions were like where they lived. My mother reported their home was surrounded by water. My daughter’s streets were flooded in her neighborhood. My sister could not get out of her home due to high water. My oldest daughter had no power. Through out the day we continue to hear reports of homes being flooded and people losing their lives, it was heartbreaking.


By the time it was all over we received 12 to 14 inches of rain here within eleven hours. Good news as of this morning the river and the creek have receded. We are doing better then most.

Creek now passable.


 TO DONATE: Those who wish to donate to flood relief may do so at redcross.org/donate

Please keep Texas flood victims in your prayers.



Thank you for taking the time to read about my little part of life here in Texas.

Author: Elizabeth Phillips

Life style blogger. Wife to Dale Phillips, Mother to two daughters Irene and Mary and a grandmother of four. Love photography and all forms of art. Love reading books, magazines and the bible. My all time favorite is enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend. Good conversations happen when drinking coffee together! Most of all I love hanging out with my husband, he is the coolest guy I know.

9 thoughts on “Texas Flooding”

  1. So thankful you guys are ok! I’m just about to start my blog about our 1983 doublewide and the 6 acres. Closing on the property on Monday! My car is already loaded with tools (saws all!) and cleansers. A LOT of work is ahead.


    1. Congratulations Kathy! I am wishing you the very best! Please let me know when your blog is up so I can follow you. You might already know about Crystal’s website if not check it out. Mobile Home Living, which has lots of information on mobile homes. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Have fun! 🙂


      1. Hi Elizabeth! I’m starting my blog and wondered if you would mind if I share some of your photos with a link to your blog?

        Thanks! Kathy

        Phil 4:13, for Heaven’s sake!



  2. Scary pictures taken of flooding, what a rain fall! We take for granted the times when all is dry and okay; this brings to mind that we should be prepared at all times. I’m going to get my flashlight/batteries together, four gallons of drinking water, couple of blankets, can goods and crackers, and place in a safe, dry closet and use as our “Survival Site.” Praying for a safe, dry day tomorrow for you and all!


  3. Our yard flooded like that at the beach about 7 or 8 years ago. It’s so scary when it won’t stop raining. The grass was very. very green a couple of weeks later from all the silt I guess. Stay safe and be thankful you survived.


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