Red Geranium Gate

I wanted to have fun with this! I posted the color samples on my Facebook and requested my friends and family to vote.


From time to time you will see my red gate pop up in some of my outdoor pictures, usually in the background. I wanted to bring it to the forefront today! There is a fun story about our gate.

After we finished the siding on the shed we had plenty of fence boards left. I had an idea! I mentioned to my husband, I thought it would be nice to have a gate next to the shed. You see we have red tip shrubs all along the front yard and for some reason there was an open space between the shrubs right next to the shed, begging for a gate. Ha-ha!  To my surprise Mr. Phillips built the gate while I was away one day! Absolutely love it!

After pics of Home 062012 013 (2)

NOW this is the fun part of the story! I noticed this wonderful gate blended in with the shed. Needs paint to pop!  Two colors were chosen, cool cobalt and red geranium. I wanted to have fun with this! I posted the color samples along with a deadline on my Facebook and requested my friends and family to vote for the color they thought the gate should be painted! I wrote a simple message on my chalkboard and wondered if anyone would understand. I will never forget the first person to vote was an old neighborhood friend of mine, he voted red! Soon after everyone started to put in their vote. It was close! Many voted for the Cobalt Blue but in the end Red Geranium won!




Color Red Geranium, exterior Walmart paint.

20140714_100740_resized (2)

20140714_101024_resized (2)

 I am very happy with my red geranium gate!

20140714_101038_resized (2)

Much better! The gate really pops!

20140714_101114_resized (2)

We had such fun with my Facebook friends! Thank you for all who voted!

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

 Dale and I appreciate you stopping by!

Author: Elizabeth Phillips

Life style blogger. Wife to Dale Phillips, Mother to two daughters Irene and Mary and a grandmother of four. Love photography and all forms of art. Love reading books, magazines and the bible. My all time favorite is enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend. Good conversations happen when drinking coffee together! Most of all I love hanging out with my husband, he is the coolest guy I know.

2 thoughts on “Red Geranium Gate”

  1. I love what you have done with your home, I would like to know what you used to plank the walls in some of the rooms? Thank you


    1. Hello Shelia! We did plank my dressing room. The other rooms you see were the brown paneling, which we just painted. Paint definitely makes difference! 🙂 For the plank walls we used 1/2 inch plywood and we ripped into 5 inch planks. The reason for the 1/2 inch was because we wanted extra insulation since it’s on the exterior wall side. I’m sure you could use 3/8 plywood and it will be just fine. We are planning to plank the wall in our home office and thinking about using the 3/8 inch plywood. Check back later! Thank you so much for your comment and have a wonderful day!


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