Love Shack

The not so fun part was pulling all the nails from the boards, but we both agree this was one of our favorite projects to do.


As much as we have worked on the inside of our home we have worked on the outside of our home as well. Today I wanted to blog about our little shed. When we first moved here the outside of the shed was pretty shaky looking. The chipboard was chipping away and at the time, you can see inside from the bottom part of the shed. I felt like I needed to do something so I found some twigs and made letters that spelled “Love”, it definitely needed some love! Ha-ha!

We did not know at first what we wanted to do with the shed. We thought about demolishing it, but realize the shed had good structure. Dale was in town one day and saw men taking down an 8 foot fence, that’s when the idea came to him! He ask the man in charge, if he could haul the fence boards off for him and the guy said, “Take as many as you want!” Awesome! Most of the boards were in good condition and even better, they were 1 x 6’s.

The not so fun part was pulling all the nails from the boards, but we both agree this was one of our favorite projects to do. To protect the shed from the elements we put up tar paper before we nailed the fence board to the outside. We did get a little help from Dale’s brother and my grand daughter for this project. We are always grateful for any help great or small.

Once the fence boards were put up, the love shack looked awesome! We apply a sealant over the wood and I painted the door, just that alone made a big difference! I’ve had fun adding things to the outside and I change up through out the seasons. I’m not completely finish with it but will update you as it progresses. Enjoy looking at the pictures of our little shed.


FenceBoard the Shed 2012 007 (3)


 Brenda my grand daughter playing Vanna White.






After pics of Home 062012 020 (2)


Back of the shed.

DSC_1017 (2)

The left side facing the street.

DSC_1015 (2)

Opposite side facing the neighbors. The sign, “Travel At your Own Risk,” we found under the shed is now displayed.

Louie the cat is also in the picture, see if you can find him.

DSC_1018 (2)


Dale found the pitch fork under the shed, he painted it red and it’s now displayed.

DSC_1003 (3)

Fall 2015

DSC_0187 (2)

Winter 2015

DSC_0830 (2)

The Flower box, Winter Wonderland, Fall and the Texas signs are made with left over fence boards.

The squirrel likes the little shed too!

DSC_1000 (3)

Spring 2016

DSC_1019 (2)

Thank you for stopping by the Phillips Place!

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” – Leo Tolstoy


5 comments on “Love Shack”

  1. Your shed looks great! I love watching all the things you’re doing with your little palace, all of it looks beautiful! Keep going in the end all your work will pay off, it will be amazing!! Take care and have fun doing it. Susan


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