Elizabeth’s Boudoir

We thought we would be done in a month! It took us four months to complete!


I would like to introduce to you my private dressing room. Before it came to be, originally it was the master bathroom with a big garden tub. This room was open to the master bedroom. My husband and my dad took the big garden tub out and then Dale put up a wall. For a short time this room was my grand daughter’s bedroom. Once she moved out we decided to make this room my boudoir. The room also had a small stand up shower, which was not comfortable to bathe in, we took that out and made it into a closet.

We started this project in October and we thought we would be done in a month! Ha-ha! Funny! It took us four months to complete! We laugh at ourselves because it always takes longer then we want it to. The cost for this project cost $1500.00. Not bad huh! This amount includes wood, paint, nails, screws, hardware, pull handles, Formica and my beautiful light fixtures and faucet. This amount does not include the labor and that is why we do it ourselves. “Without further ado”, as Chip would say on Fixer Upper, enjoy looking through the pictures of my Boudoir!

Entry Way

We plank the entry side of the wall. I did not want any crown molding in this room, I like the raw look.

DSC_1152 (4)

Immediately to the right is the toilet area and closet to hang long ware.

DSC_1154 (3)

DSC_1421 (3)

Shower into a Closet.

DSC_1357 (2)

Immediately to the left of the entry is the built in dresser with upper shelves which are adjustable and below is a shoe rack.

DSC_0967 (2)


DSC_1394 (2)

Dale custom built the dresser to accommodate the air vent below.

DSC_1231 (3)

The end wall, high and low clothes rods, built in drawers and shelves with a door to hide clutter.

DSC_1329 (3)

Install drapes to keep clothes dust free.

DSC_1057 (3)


DSC_1742 (2)

Wainscoting left from our kitchen renovation was used to make the bottom of the drawers.


DSC_1374 (2)

Opposite of the entry is the vanity side plank walls.

DSC_1384 (2)

Beautiful scallop mirror purchased at Lowe’s Hardware.

DSC_1361 (3)

Love the plank walls.

DSC_1070 (3)



DSC_1263 (2)

In order for me to get this shot I had to be in the picture. Me at work.

DSC_1265 (3)

Purchased lighting and faucet at Ferguson’s in Katy, Texas.

Carnations and Hydrangeas

DSC_1111 (3)

DSC_1390 (3)

DSC_0994 (4)

DSC_1107 (3)

DSC_1188 (2)

DSC_1339 (3)

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I love everything about this room! My husband did a wonderful job! Many hugs and kisses to my superman! Dale has done an awesome job with all the custom built ins. I now have much more closet space and more shelves for storage.

Walls painted, Behr’s eggshell pure white, Built ins, Behr’s satin Silver Swordplay.

Special thanks to Judy with Ferguson’s. She was so helpful to us, choosing the light fixture and faucet. Special thanks to my sister in law Lyn Phillips she provided the beautiful ceramic sink.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by.

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